Sterling Audio Debuts New Dual-Source Headphone Amplifiers


Sterling Audio introduces two new headphone amplifiers designed for recording studio applications. The Sterling SHA4 is a four-channel tabletop headphone amplifier, while the Sterling SHA8 is an eight-channel rackmount model. The four-channel SHA4 accepts two discrete stereo sources via balanced (TRS) or unbalanced (TS) ¼-inch, line-level inputs. Front-panel master level controls are provided for each […]

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Marantz Debuts Portable Headset Amplifier


The new Marantz PHA-3 Stereo Field Production Headphone Amplifier provides three independent headphone feeds from balanced or unbalanced sources and can drive headphones to high levels at audiophile quality with low distortion — ideal for field broadcast production companies, portable audio/video production crews and live sound productions where critical audio monitoring is required, even under […]

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PreSonus Intros HP2 Personal Headphone Amplifier


Designed for live events without compromising audio quality, the PreSonus HP2 stereo personal headphone amplifier is designed for driving wired in-ear monitors (IEMs), as well as headphones. Portable and compact, it offers two XLR line-level inputs and one stereo 1/8-inch headphone output with volume control. Operation can be switched between stereo and mono, and a […]

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KLANG Launches World’s First Stage Proof Four-Stereo Channel Dante-Enabled Headphone Amp


KLANG started shipping out the first batch of its new product KLANG:quell Dante headphone amp. KLANG:quelle receives eight channels via Dante and provides four individual stereo headphone outputs and it’s the world’s first low latency multi-channel Dante headphone amp with sampling rates up to 192kHz. The output were designed to connect to any kind of […]

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In Ultimate Niche Move, Meridian Intros Component Headphone Amplifier


Listening to music on headphones, while on the move, is certainly the top way we experience music nowadays. But Meridian’s latest product is betting that there are enough of you out there listening to music on headphones sitting at a desk or at home that you’ll appreciate the company’s Prime Headphone Amplifier. Meridian’s Prime Headphone […]

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