HAI by Leviton Announces KNX Gateway


HAI by Leviton announced today the launch of its KNX Gateway, an interface allowing the company’s Omni and Lumina Ethernet-based controllers to communicate with and control KNX devices through KNX’s standardized network communications BUS protocol. Lighting devices, temperature and energy management, motors for window coverings, shades, shutters and more are among the many KNX devices […]

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HAI by Leviton Releases Omni LTe Home Control System


HAI by Leviton announced today the launch of its new Omni LTe home control system. Omni LTe controllers are CP-01-compliant and UL-listed residential security and fire systems, detecting intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, water and other hazards with wired or wireless sensors. The Omni LTe can control up to 32 individual lighting loads, accommodate up to four […]

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HAI Ships Bus-Based Lighting Control


Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) is finally shipping its bus-based Omni-Bus Lighting Control Network product line, which is basically a central lighting control system. Installed at the multi-button programmable wall switches (instead of replacing the master panel), the Omni-Bus modules utilize DIN-Rail and includes an advanced dimmer capable of controlling CFL, LED, Electronic Low-Voltage (ELV), Halogen […]

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HAI MicroControl Companion Announced, Remote Control for Stand-Alone Energy Management System


Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) has announced the development of a MicroControl Companion for inclusion in its stand-alone wireless energy management system. HAI’s wireless ZigBee-based system claims to ensure energy savings in new construction and retrofit, controlling lights, lamps, fans, shades, pumps and more. The system features a wireless mesh network, with each device automatically repeating […]

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HAI Ships Wireless Energy Management System


Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) announced today that the MicroControl (81A00-2WHZB) stand-alone wireless energy management system – meaning, no home control system required – is shipping.  The MicroControl claims to allow homeowners and integrators programming it to set-up time-based schedules for temperatures, water heaters, heating and air conditioning units, pumps, fountains, lamps, generators and other devices. […]

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Wireless Driveway Sensor


HAI’s Wireless Driveway Sensor 63A00-1 uses Earth’s magnetic field to detect passing metal objects (presumably from automobiles to UFOs). It can be used to turn on outdoor lighting upon approach or to alert homeowners when a visitor has entered the driveway. Since the 63A00-1 is wireless, there is no digging or underground cable required. The […]

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