Green AV: What Is It and Where Is It Going?

July 20, 2021

Written By: Kate Couch Sustainability was at the top of the global agenda before the pandemic in 2020. But this thought was put to the wayside as disposable wipes, masks and gloves now litter our sidewalks. With governments having bigger fish to fry, will the fight for sustainability come back? Though maybe not just yet, […]

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RoseWater Energy Group Brings Integrator Receptions and Trainings Classes to CEDIA 2016

August 23, 2016

Rosewater Energy Group, a provider of next-generation integrated energy management Hubs, announces their attendance at CEDIA 2016 with an integrator reception and Manufacturer Product Training, with both events highlighting the latest enhancements to the Energy Management HUB. In recent months, RoseWater Energy Group’s Energy Management HUB has received significant updates to enhance customers’ lifestyle and, […]

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Cheaters Never Win

September 24, 2015

Have you heard?! Volkswagen got caught cheating on emissions tests. If you don’t know the story, basically a European clean air watchdog group looking at variations in emissions tests wanted to put to bed that VW’s diesel models were a great example of clean diesel transportation. To do this they partnered with their United States […]

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Big Idea 2015: Automation for the Perfect Classroom

January 15, 2015

Foreword: My youngest daughter attends a new public charter where I volunteer more time than I can afford as the “Technology Guy.” The students were issued on day one Chromebooks and Kindles, and they do very limited work with paper of any sort. I worried would all the technology and apps come together, but recently she commented […]

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How Important is “Being Green” In the Classroom Technology Decision Making Process?

October 31, 2014

The honest answer is “not exceptionally important.” The reason, however, may surprise you. Many schools have sustainability initiatives in place that cover a wide variety of campus life processes from printing and food services to facilities and grounds keeping. While technology is an obvious environmental concern, that concern is usually a result of the amount […]

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Higher Ed on the Hot Streak Down a Green Path

October 29, 2014

The lofty halls and ivory towers of academia have been a cornerstone in the sustainability movement and continue to be a beacon for those looking to become learned students of sustainability. We see this in a rise in curricula, degree programs and students matriculating into careers in sustainability in a range of disciplines from business, […]

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The Role of Green AV in Talent Acquisition and Retention

March 31, 2014

Whether it be integrated AV, live event AV or any other arm of the pro AV market, one of the most oft-heard lamentations revolves around the difficulties in attracting and retaining talent. In February, InfoComm hosted its annual Live! event, bringing together a hundred or so of the industry’s leaders in live event production and […]

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Mindfulness and Sustainability

February 27, 2014

Today, I was sitting at a table of AV professionals and I heard a remark about how the weather is really actually consistent year over year, so those people in Washington should go stuff it with this whole climate change business. It was interesting to watch the reactions of those sitting at the table. There […]

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Staging Sustainability

January 20, 2014

It is often talked about within certain circles that the triple bottom line is rapidly gaining momentum. People, Planet and Profit have become part of the business lexicon for a number of years now and can readily be seen in corporate sustainability reporting and in product literature and advertising. There is another movement afoot that […]

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The Importance of a Green Procurement Policy

September 25, 2012

Besides a solid sustainability policy, there is one other policy that anyone interested in Green AV needs to know about. Plus, it is actually an integral part of the sustainability policy. This is a procurement policy, which outlines an organization’s formal procedures and considerations for purchasing goods and services. Companies that implement formal, strategic procurement […]

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