Japanese Nursery School Picks TAURI Temperature Check Tablet to Monitor Students

October 20, 2020

Glory Star announced that after experiencing stressful and time-consuming temperature checks that caused traffic jams and lack of proper social distancing in schools, the Sakura Nursery School in Japan selected the TAURI Temperature Check tablet. With a patent-pending, TAURI is a contactless tablet that instantly and autonomously screens the school’s 370 kindergarten students and doubles […]

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Glory Star Expands TAURI Series With New 7-Inch Design

September 23, 2020

Glory Star has expanded its TAURI Temperature Check Tablet series with the new 7-inch TAURI 7; designed for instant, contactless temperature scanning in restaurants and retail, outdoor venues and high-security applications. In addition to providing customizable temperature messaging, TAURI 7 features dual cameras, IP65-rated waterproof and anti-glare touch-capacitive glass, and TCP/IP relay. Glory Star’s TAURI […]

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Glory Star Launches Own Line of TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets

August 20, 2020

Glory Star, partnered initially with Aurora Multimedia, just launched its own line of TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets. Designed to screen people when entering healthcare, manufacturing or government facilities, hotels, restaurants, conference centers, retail stores, schools and gyms, TAURI is a touch-free private temperature-check and messaging system in one tablet. You may recall seeing this before — […]

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Aurora Multimedia and Glory Star Partner for All-in-One High Temperature Sensing Tablet

April 16, 2020

Aurora Multimedia and Glory Star have partnered to build a unique business appliance for the post-COVID-19 world, the TTS-10. It’s a 10″ Android-based all-in-one infrared temperature sensing tablet that’s available in 15.6” and 21.5” sizes with a variety of stands, desktop and wall-mount options, designed to send an alert if a person with a high […]

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