Mentoring Matters: Find Out Why in this Girl Boss LAVNCH & LEARN


According to a study by Odyssey Mentoring, people who mentor typically earn $25,000 a year in additional compensation, on average, then do people who do not mentor. In the final episode of our Girl Boss series—held on March 14 at 1 p.m. ET—Megan A. Dutta will be joined by Cory Schaeffer and Carol Campbell to […]

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Learn How to Stress Less in the Next Girl Boss LAVNCH & LEARN


According to a study by Wrike, some 94% of workers report feeling stress at work, and almost a third say their stress level is high to unsustainably high. In the next episode of the Girl Boss LAVNCH & LEARN series, Megan A. Dutta will be joined by a panel of experts – Brandy Alvarado-Miranda, Carrie […]

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Girl Boss Into the New Year With a LAVNCH & LEARN On Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


We’ve all faced times where we feel underqualified and incapable of a task or job presented to us, and that certainly doesn’t stop when we get to the workplace. If you find yourself thinking, “I’m not technical enough for this,” we have a news flash for you: you are! In the upcoming Girl Boss LAVNCH […]

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Don’t Miss It: Join Us for a Girl Boss LAVNCH & LEARN About Effective Workplace Communication

Communication styles can vary wildly from person to person and from gender to gender, which is why workplace communication has always been such a hot topic. In the upcoming Girl Boss LAVNCH & LEARN, “I’m Not Sorry: Effective Communication in the Workplace,” a panel of experts will review topics like how to stop saying you’re sorry […]

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What’s Up With LAVNCH: October Events


THE rAVe Agency has been busy planning and preparing tons of new LAVNCH & LEARNs and events. These events are educational and informative to help out both the new and experienced AV pros in our industry. From educational sessions on the newest tech to encouraging series on getting hired, we’ve got something for everyone. Let’s […]

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