Q-SYS Launches its Technology Partner Program, Offering Certified Integration to Q-SYS Platform

December 6, 2022

Q-SYS launches its Technology Partner Program with integration partners representing a growing list of Q-SYS plugins. As part of the program, plugins will receive endorsement badges indicating they have been verified or certified and offer integration with the Q-SYS Platform. These partners now have access to the Q-SYS Technology Partner Hub, a centralized portal with […]

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URC and Fusion Research Enter Direct Dealer Sales Agreement

May 14, 2020

URC and Fusion Research announced a new URC direct dealer sales agreement Thursday. The companies also announced Total Control 2.0 integration of Fusion Research Solo and Duet Music servers. Starting May 14, 2020, authorized URC direct dealers in the U.S. can purchase Fusion Research Solo and Duet music servers from URC for end-user sales to […]

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RTI Announces New Two-Way Driver for Fusion Research’s Play-Fi® Music Server

May 13, 2016

RTI has announced the availability of a two-way driver for Fusion Research’s Play-Fi music server. The new driver, developed by Fusion, allows integrators to incorporate their Play-Fi server into RTI automation systems. The Play-Fi server combines Fusion’s Ovation music server with DTS’ open platform Play-Fi technology. Specifically designed for the custom-integration channel, the server acts […]

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Amazon Fire TV Two-Way IP Drivers Now Available from Fusion Research

February 4, 2015

Fusion Research announced that it has developed a method for Amazon Fire TV IP control and produced two-way IP drivers for Control4, RTI and URC automation systems. Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are two of the fastest growing products in the video streaming category. Amazon Prime users get free access to original Amazon […]

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Fusion Releases New Ovation Driver for Control4 OS 2.6 Systems

October 10, 2014

Fusion Research has announced the release of a new driver for its Ovation products. This driver takes advantage of the new Listen features available in the Control4 OS 2.6 software including the ability to place streaming apps directly on the ‘Listen’ home page of a Control4 system. Search, favorites (stations, playlists, etc.) and Pandora thumbs […]

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Fusion Ships HD Wireless Audio Distribution System

July 25, 2014

Fusion Research has started shipping three new products that make up its Ovation Wireless Audio Distribution System. The new products include a Base Station that acts as the server and two new players, one amplified and one passive. The Base Station (FR-OBS) is hard wired onto a network and includes one analog source. The players […]

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Fusion Research Intros Single-Zone Music Server

May 19, 2014

Fusion Research announced this month that it is shipping a new single-zone audio streamer called Signature. The Signature is priced very competitively at $499 retail and has an integrated DAC that allows the Signature to output at 24-bit/192KHz and is the first Ovation product to ship with Apple AirPlay capability. The Signature can be expanded […]

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Fusion Research Announces Multi-Zone Audio Streamers

September 20, 2012

Fusion Research has announced several new audio streaming products for the custom install market. The three Ovation servers offer three to five independent zones of audio playback and feature two dozen apps, including Pandora, Radioio, SiriusXM, Last.FM, Slacker and MOG. The company is offering streaming-only unit or, for a small upcharge, units with optional storage […]

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