The Case for Home Theater Ethernet


Most middle class homes have multiple mobile devices floating around. From iPod Touches to smartphones, tablets and laptops, the average family has quite a few gadgets relying on its Wi-Fi wireless connectivity to get to the internet and consume social media and streaming content like video and music. Many consumers don’t realize that there’s an alternative to Wi-Fi called Ethernet. […]

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THIEL Unveils zöet with HDMI

THIEL Audio has announced that the HDMI compatible version of their zöet system will begin shipping Q2, 2009. The HDMI version of zöet is equipped with eight HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs. The April 1st, 2009 initial launch version of the zöet dB1 will be the audio-only Ethernet system. The HDMI version and zöet’s […]

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