Why the Future Will Be So Bright: Trends Affecting the Lighting Sector


By Satish Agrawal CEO, Bambu Vault This year will be an exciting time for the lightning industry as it leverages the latest technology to innovate LED design, color, wavelength, energy efficiency and more. All indications point to healthy growth for the lighting industry in 2019 and the next few years. Several factors are contributing to […]

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Three Upgrades to Be Green, Save Money and Have Happy Employees


Everyone likes a nice office to work in, and there are many factors such as employee retention and public persona that drive companies to upgrade their buildings, but budgets still are the deciding factor. Here is why you can’t afford not to make these three upgrades now. Energy Monitoring – This fact is crazy but true: Just by monitoring your building’s […]

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The Easy Sell on a Hard Topic


There are so many good points to using energy efficient products as one of the most cost-effective, simple and quick ways to reduce energy consumption and lower green house gas emissions. The ICT industry is ripe with tools, products and software capable of proving out these efficiency gains. Companies are falling over themselves to show […]

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