Electrosonic Announces Ewan Smith as Global President and Managing Director


Electrosonic Group, an audiovisual and technology professional services company, announces that Ewan Smith has been appointed the global group president and managing director effective Jan. 1, 2022. In announcing the promotion, Electrosonic Group interim CEO and Chair of the board Lori Cross commented: “I am delighted to announce that Ewan Smith has agreed to serve […]

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Electrosonic Appoints Lori Cross as Chair of the Board to Fast-Track Expansion


Electrosonic has appointed Lori Cross as chair of the board to fast-track its expansion strategy. Lori Cross has been a board member for more than ten years and has a deep knowledge of the company, its business and its talents. “I am excited to become Chair for the Electrosonic Group as new opportunities are emerging […]

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Extron Buys Electrosonic’s Products Division


Extron has purchased the Products Engineering and Development Division of Electrosonic Group a premier worldwide AV systems integration and service provider. This is the first company ever purchased by Extron. The Electrosonic Group systems integration and service business is not part of the acquisition and will continue forward as a wholly independent organization. Electrosonic’s Products […]

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Extron Acquires Electrosonic’s Products Division


To my knowledge, this is the first company Extron’s ever purchased – so Electrosonic clearly has some intellectual property and technology that Extron wants! And, if you read the quote from Extron President, Andrew Edwards, below, he clearly identifies their IP-based video solutions as the key reason for the acquisition. Still think you can survive […]

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