Egan Buys Exact Furniture


Egan Visual announces the acquisition of Exact Furniture Ltd., a 15-year manufacturer of furniture for education, office and other professional environments. The line includes lecterns, static and height- adjustable tables and desks, credenzas and other products, many of which are designed for, and can be customized for, technology integration. As you know, Egan is known […]

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Egan Visual Adds 1,000+ Colors to Glass Options


Egan Visual just introduced what it’s calling the Egan Infinite Color Palette — 1,050 standard colors that can be specified with any Egan Glass product — Egan GlassWrite and EganAero. To introduce the Egan Infinite Color Palette, Egan is releasing a custom fan deck displaying all 1,050 colors. The Egan fan deck is an accessible […]

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Egan Acquires Working Wall Solutions


Egan Visual announces the acquisition of the assets and ongoing business of Working Walls Solutions. The line includes Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceiling Products, Tackable Wall Panels, Partition Extenders and other solutions for noise reduction and sound transmission reduction. This acquisition complements the Egan Sound Ideas line, which includes Egan Disperse and Egan Tacet Acoustical […]

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