Let’s Talk About Specs


The scene: Project manager training, major integration firm. Dramatis Persona: A project manager, new to the wonderful world of commercial AV A veteran of the AV industry The Dialog: “I’m worried about this bid we just won. There’s no way we can do all of this.” “Why, what’s wrong? It looked like pretty standard conference […]

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Situational Awareness


Have you noticed the dramatic rise over the last two-plus years in corporate AV/IT client demand for collaborative technology, huddle spaces and similar functionality? It’s a hot buzz word in the upper echelons of corporate management and HR departments. The thought process for most companies goes something like this: Senior management decides that: “We need […]

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Solve the Pain, Then Introduce Strategy


‘Solve their technology pain, then introduce them to a technology strategy.’ That should be the mantra for consultants, systems integrators, and manufacturers selling to the church market. The House of Worship (HOW) market is not without strategy. In fact, they’re some of the most focused organizations around when it comes to their strategic purpose. However, they […]

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Unprofessional, Incompetent or Collateral Damage?


Suggested by a conversation with John Mayberry – Emmaco Engineering history is replete with decisions that, upon any kind of reasonable reflection, would prove at best questionable or at worst disastrous — for example, the rapid and urgent deployment of the legendary Boeing designed, engineered and constructed B-29 Superfortress in May of 1944 during WW […]

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Documentation! …And I Don’t Mean System Documentation


We’ve all read about how important it is for us as integrators to provide good thorough documentation packages for clients on our integration projects. After all, we’re creating something custom and unique for them, and they need to know how it works. I’ve seen various document packages from several integrators, and they’re getting better and […]

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