Autonomic Introduces the MMS-1e Music Streamer Featuring eAudioCast Audio-over-Ethernet Technology


Autonomic has announced the introduction of the MMS-1e whole-house music streamer featuring eAudioCast audio-over-Ethernet technology. The MMS-1e also resides in a new compact form factor, enabling integrators to easily locate the music streamer along with source devices anywhere in the home or in a traditional structured wiring enclosure. The completely solid state MMS-1e music streamer […]

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Crestron Ships New Six-Zone Distributed Audio Amp


Crestron’s new Six Zone “Plus Two” Amplifier (C2N-AMP-6X100) is now shipping. Designed specifically for mid-size home systems, the C2N-AMP-6X100 has 12 inputs, four stereo-line outputs, Ethernet connectivity and pre-amp controls. Each room output on the C2N-AMP-6X100 is capable of 100 watts for each of the six amplified zones. That’s 50 Watts per channel at 8 […]

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Niles Finally Ships Auriel Controller


Niles’s Auriel MRC-6430 whole-home audio controller is finally shipping. The MRC-6430 allows up to six distinct music sources to play different music in up to six rooms. Using TCP/IP, the MRC-6430 operates with virtually zero latency and is ready for future expansion into lighting control, remote management and HVAC control. That’s because Auriel is based […]

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Crestron Introduces Six-Zone Amplifier with 12 Inputs


Crestron unveiled its new 12-input, 6-Zone “Plus Two” Amplifier, specifically for mid-size audio systems, today at CEDIA Expo. Each room output on the C2N-AMP-6X100 is capable of 100 watts for each of the six amplified zones. That’s 50 watts per channel at 8 ohms or 75 watts per channel at 4 ohms. Outputs also may […]

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AMX Ships Alero Eight-Zone Distributed Audio Power Amplifier


HARMAN’s AMX announced at CEDIA EXPO 2014 that it’s shipping its Alero 8 Zone Power Amplifier (ALR-AMP-8). Whether listening to music in the living room, the kitchen or outdoors, Alero has multi-room distributed audio with 16 channels using a Class D amplifier technology that, when in standby power, it requires no external cooling sources to […]

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Autonomic Adds MMS-2A Music Player to Mirage System


Autonomic has introduced the new Mirage MMS-2A music player, which delivers what the company says is reference quality high-resolution audio through three independent streams to a multi-room system with as many as 96 zones. A new generation of the company’s cloud-based media server, the MMS-2A will store, sync, schedule and stream an entire music collection […]

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Autonomic Unveils New Features for the Mirage Audio System


Autonomic will be demonstrating new features of the Mirage Audio System (MAS) at CEDIA, including compatibility with SiriusXM Radio 2.0, Slacker Radio and Gracenote as well as a secure Dealer Portal enabling integrators to gain remote access to their customers’ Mirage Media Servers for diagnostics and firmware updates without having to send a technician onsite. […]

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