The Truth About the New TechLogix “Gaming Market” Fiber Optic Cables


TechLogix Networx has launched HDMI and DisplayPort video cables that they claim are specifically designed for electronic gaming and esports competition. Huh? The press announcement said, “Unlike traditional video cables which are limited in length and video-processing speed, TechLogix cables leverage a fiber optic core that supports true, real-time 8K and 4K120 video with bandwidths […]

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DVIGear Launches DisplayPort Cables Supporting 4K / 60Hz


DVIGear’s new line of High Resolution DisplayPort Copper Cables transport DisplayPort signals with bit rates up to 21.6 Gbps. over cable lengths of up to 15 meters (approximately 50 feet). These cables support uncompressed DisplayPort resolutions up to 4096×2160 / 60 Hz. Long distance transport of high resolution DisplayPort signals over copper cables must overcome […]

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Extron Adds DisplayPort to TeamWork Systems


Extron has two new DisplayPort SM “Show Me” Cables for the company’s popular TeamWork Collaboration System. The cables, available with full-size or mini DisplayPort input connectors, actively convert DisplayPort signals to HDMI for use with TeamWork-compatible digital switchers. The cables meet Section 508 accessibility standards and are certified for use with Extron Cable Cubby enclosures. […]

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