2014 – Let the Worldwide 4K Games Begin

January 8, 2014

By Norbert Hildebrand DisplayDaily During last year (Yes, it is already 2014!), high resolution (4K or UHD) TVs have become available in the market and prices have dropped faster than anyone expected. As a result, the sales volume has risen quite nicely and is running ahead of earlier expectations. Of course it is not clear […]

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User Interface Developments at CES 2014

January 6, 2014

By Phil Wright DisplayDaily New product announcements and developments to be exhibited at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (International CES, Las Vegas, Jan. 7-10, 2014) may point the way to novel and improved consumer product user interface designs and implementations. As CES 2014 unfolds, I will be following user interface advancements and how they interact […]

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How is Apple Impacting Your Next Product?

November 19, 2013

By Bill MacKenzie DisplayDaily Forward-looking supply chain managers track Apple with an eye toward seeing what tech features are being introduced by the company and how they can be used by other brands for their businesses. By way of example, Apple first introduced fingerprint recognition for the iPhone last year and recently is trumpeting its […]

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Holographic TV in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

November 7, 2013

By Matt Brennesholtz DisplayDaily The ultimate 3D TV would be a real-time, full color holographic TV system. No glasses would be required, no conflict between accommodation and convergence, no eyestrain. It would, literally, be just like looking through a window. There is a catch, however, besides the public’s ho-hum attitude toward 3D TV. The catch […]

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Are 3D and 4K on Different Trajectories? Yes and No

October 3, 2013

Many consumers and professionals alike think 3D is out and 4K is in. A new forecast report on 3DTVs from Futuresource got me thinking about the trajectories of these two mega-trends. The reality is much more nuanced than a simple in/out conclusion. Let’s start with the forecast. Futuresource says that by 2017, 58 percent of […]

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Sony Home Theater Products Emphasize Quality Experience at CEDIA 2013

September 30, 2013

By Phil Wright DisplayDaily Sony at CEDIA Expo 2013 introduced its latest home theater products for the custom install market. Foremost among the company’s three new front projector offerings is the VPL-VW1100ES 4K home theater projector (see photo). The latest Sony 4K Ultra HD projector delivers 2,000 lumens for use with screen sizes up to […]

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Dish Getting Traction in Court Cases Involving DVR Features

September 29, 2013

By Aldo Cugnini DisplayDaily Two court cases attempting to block DISH Networks’ use of certain DVR features have generated rulings this month in favor of the satellite content provider. The first ruling, issued by Judge Laura Swain of the Southern District of New York, United States District Court, has denied the ABC Network’s efforts to […]

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Transparent 3D Display Technology Demonstrated

September 20, 2013

Arthur Berman DisplayDaily Samsung leads the way in commercializing transparent LCD display products for a wide variety of retail display applications such as product showcases, commercial freezer doors and platform doors of subway stations. More recently, HiSense International Co., Ltd (China) has taken the concept (one dimension) further by demonstrating a prototype glasses-based transparent 3D […]

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Traditional Consumer Tablet Moves to Digital Signs

June 6, 2013

With its low cost of operation, and lower still failure rates, plus a hand full of other benefits from deployment, to ease of use, traditional consumer tablets are now being found in a host of digital signage (DS) deployments. First look no further than your neighborhood (OK big city) Apple Store to see tablets playing […]

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The Display Industry Faces Some Serious Challenges

June 3, 2013

By Chris Chinnock DisplayDaily Having just returned from SID Display Week in Vancouver, I am both encouraged by the continual innovation and progress of display and related technologies, but troubled by many other factors that will affect the health of the display industry. And I am certainly not alone in this conclusion as many, many […]

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