AdMobilize Debuts Its Vehicle Recognition Engine at Digital Signage Expo


AdMobilize today unveiled to the digital signage community its all-new Vehicle Recognition Engine through a live demo taking place in downtown Las Vegas. Throughout DSE 2018 and the weeks following, the Vehicle Recognition Engine, integrated with a downtown digital billboard, will be collecting key vehicle data that’s increasingly demanded by media companies, advertising agencies and brand marketers — those […]

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iTellio Joins DPAA


DPAA announced today that iTellio, a digital place-based advertising network, has joined the association. iTellio transforms traditional automated teller machines into interactive advertising platforms, enhancing revenue streams for ATM operators. With a second screen installed on top of the ATM, iTellio is able to engage every consumer that walks into one of their locations. Barry Frey, president and CEO of DPAA, said, […]

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Digital Advertising Screens – The Profitable Business Anyone Can Start


By Lee Gannon TrouDigital When people think of digital advertising screens, they think of giants like JCDecaux. They think of bus stop displays, large motorway billboards or those slideshows you see on escalators in the Underground. They think of household brands and celebrity-centered campaigns. They don’t think of something more akin to a commercial TV […]

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