It’s All in the Details, or at Least it Should Be in an Increasingly Mobile World

August 17, 2016

As a matter of course, I like to investigate certain things in order to acquire material for writing, or even to disseminate information in other ways. As we like to talk about the integrators and what they need to pay specific attention to, sometimes that direction needs to be turned to the industry manufacturers and some […]

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The Science Behind the Technology – Part 2: An Interview with John Underkoffler, Oblong Industries

July 20, 2016

Those who have read my Disruptive Top 10 at InfoComm blog know that this year I selected Oblong Industries Mezzanine as my number one choice: At InfoComm16, Oblong Industries demonstrated its ground-breaking immersive visual collaboration solution, Mezzanine™, featuring a dynamic and interactive experience across multiple devices, display surfaces, and locations.  Mezzanine is characterized by its […]

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Digital Transformation in the AV Industry: Part 1 – The Path to the Internet of Things

June 6, 2016

Let’s face it, after last year’s IoT keynote, with all of the discussions that followed, more research was certainly necessary in terms of making the subject more relevant to the commercial side of the industry. In the residential/home automation space there is a solid built approach for things connected, however the IoT approach for the commercial integration market has […]

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Collaboration Overload in the Business World? Some Perspectives For the AV Industry

February 19, 2016

Collaboration. Every day we hear about new ways to work as a team, new technology products that help to do it, devices introduced into the mix and much more. However may we be overlooking something important when discussing it in general conversation – that being the human element? I would like to begin by giving credit […]

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