Design Thinking: How Does it Relate to AV?


Any good MBA student from the last decade can tell you about design thinking. It seemed to be one of the buzzwords of the business world for several years. But more than just in engineering and product design, it has started to leak into all areas of business. It can help determine strategy, it can […]

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I was recently in Salt Lake City for the annual United States Institute for Theater Technology (USITT) conference, where collaboration is king and data-driven technology related to the entertainment industry is rampant. The theater industry in itself has a long tradition of collaboration among the entire team from designers to director, designers to technicians, director […]

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Design Thinking And How It Can Help Build A Better, More Sustainable Business Practice and Supply Chain In The Technology Industry


Design Thinking – It is not really a term that is familiar to many people but has significant impact on our daily lives and, more importantly, how we can develop better products and solutions in a more efficient and sustainable manner.  Unlike the scientific method, which defines the question, then works towards a solution after […]

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