Atlona AV-over-IP Line to Grow at InfoComm

May 28, 2019

Atlona, a Panduit company, will debut a series of new value-priced AV-over-IP products at InfoComm 2019. InfoComm also marks the North American debut of OmniStream’s integrated processing functionality to enhance video wall performance. The embedded scaling, video processing and advanced video synchronization mechanisms in OmniStream decoders ensure precise synchronization of content between each decoder and […]

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TVU G-Link Is Point-to-Point Public Internet-Based Video Link with Only a Half-Second Delay

April 2, 2019

TVU Networks just introduced the TVU G-Link, an Internet-based solution for live point-to-point transmission. TVU G-Link provides an affordable way to achieve high-quality transmission using only the public Internet to deliver HD video from one location to another with half-second latency. G-Link is ideal for applications such as news and sports broadcast as well as […]

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ZyPer4K Silent Decoder Makes ISE Debut in Amsterdam

February 5, 2019

The newest addition to the ZeeVee product family of ZyPer4K AVoIP decoders and encoders – the ZyPer4K Silent Decoder – makes its ISE debut in Amsterdam this year. The ZyPer4K Silent decoder has an innovative fanless design that reduces noise in locations where the hum of a fan is problematic. In addition, it eliminates a […]

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ZeeVee Unveils ZvMXE+ IP Set-Top Box at InfoComm

June 8, 2018

Providing a bridge to customers for the process of upgrading from RF distribution to AV over IP, ZeeVee has unveiled the ZvMXE+, a set top box that decodes both RF and IP HD content. The device, which supports three compression formats, including H.264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, enables instant viewing of channels once it is plugged […]

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Kramer Shows Unique Video Wall Application as Part of its AV over IP Offering at InfoComm 2018

June 7, 2018

Kramer Electronics Ltd. is showcasing an end-to-end video wall application at InfoComm 2018. This is an SDVoE-based AV-over-IP solution for 4K60 video wall installations can scale up to 256 screens and support an unlimited number of sources simultaneously. Kramer KDS encoders/decoders coupled with Kramer Network, the company’s enterprise management platform, represent the core of the […]

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Key Digital’s Enterprise AV Over IP KD-IP1080TX and KD-IP1080RX Deliver Digital Video Over IP Signage Solutions

May 31, 2018

Key Digital introduces KD-IP1080TX and KD-IP1080RX, an HDMI over IP encoder and decoder with support for PoE (Power over Ethernet). To keep up with the growing trends, integrators are pushing to update and incorporate video over IP digital signage, creating new environments and scenes. End-users love their results with vivid digital content for their targeted […]

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KanexPro Debuts New Lineup of AV-over-IP Encoders and Decoders

May 21, 2018

KanexPro has announced a new line of AV-over-IP Encoders and Decoders that will debut in booth C3944 at InfoComm 2018. The Network AV over IP Decoder and Receiver (EXT-NETAVKIT) is a set with one HDMI input, one local HDMI output with multiple phoenix connectors for audio output and a LAN (Ethernet) port with RS232 control port for […]

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Symetrix and Visionary Solutions Expand Strategic Alliance

May 16, 2018

Symetrix and Visionary Solutions have announced native integration of Visionary Solutions’ PacketAV Duet Dante-enabled IP video encoder and decoder products into Symetrix’ Composer DSP programming and control software. The integration, co-developed by Symetrix and Visionary Solutions, enables PacketAV Duet and E/D4100 video encoders and decoders to appear as native units in Composer 7.1 and later. Harnessing the flexibility and scalability of […]

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WyreStorm Launches New AV-Over-IP SDVoE-Powered NetworkHD 600 Series

May 14, 2018

WyreStorm just added a new AV-over-IP line aimed at the ProAV and residential markets called the NetworkHD 600 Series 4K – a 4K resolution and HD-capable over 10GbE using SDVoE technology. Adding to its low bandwidth NetworkHD 100 Series HD over 1GbE using H.264 and video wall and multiview-supporting 200 Series and the 400 Series 4K HDR over 1GbE […]

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ClearOne Awarded New Patent for Video Synchronization by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

January 5, 2018

ClearOne announced today that it has been awarded a new patent relating to ClearOne’s video streaming technology. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) issued United States Patent number 9,807,408 to ClearOne. This patent, entitled, “A Control Mechanism for Video Output”, enables, among other things, all of the video decoders playing back a stream of video to stay synchronized with the encoder, eliminating […]

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Crestron DM NVX Series Is 4K60, 4:4:4 and HDR AV-Over-IP System on a 1Gb Network

June 13, 2017

Crestron is here at InfoComm four months after ISE where they had the original launch of their new DM NVX Series. Crestron says that DM NVX Series makes it possible to securely transmit stunning 4K60, 4:4:4 and HDR video over standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet, with no latency. A key component of the company’s secure Enterprise Room Solutions, DM NVX Series provides for […]

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ClearOne’s VIEW Pro Multimedia Network AV Streaming Line Goes 4K

June 12, 2017

ClearOne has introduced VIEW Pro 4K, a new line of 4K-capable, IP-based, multimedia streaming products. Consisting of the E110 4K Encoder and D110 4K Decoder, VIEW Pro 4K employs both H.264 lossless compression and H.265 high-efficiency video coding compression, supports 4K resolution at 60 fps, and provides integrators and end-users with a customizable, scalable and affordable 4K multimedia streaming […]

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Matrox Announces Availability of Maevex 6150 Quad 4K Enterprise Encoder for InfoComm

June 1, 2017

Leading into InfoComm 2017 (Booth #1973), Matrox Graphics Inc. announced immediate evaluation-unit availability of the recently announced Maevex 6150 quad 4K enterprise encoder appliance for interested developers and system integrators. Also immediately available for evaluation and development, the Matrox PowerStream Plus AV-over-IP management application which provides complete reach and control over the entire Maevex network—the Maevex 6150 stand-alone quad 4K […]

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Osprey Video Announces InfoComm 2017 Plans

April 20, 2017

Osprey Video’s Talon G1 line of hardware encoders continues to mature with the addition of new models, new features, and new and tighter integrations with some of the industry’s leading streaming platforms. Such integrations, a key focus for Osprey Video this year, reduce complexity for the user by creating streaming solutions for multiple applications in numerous industries. One of Osprey […]

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AMX Debuts N2400 Series AV-Over-IP GbE Networks

February 8, 2017

At ISE, AMX launched something similar to what Crestron launched yesterday — the N2400 Series video encoders and decoders, which send 4K video Gigabit Ethernet networks. Spec’d with support for 4K video at 60Hz and 4:4:4 (8-bit color) the N2400 uses JPEG 2000 encoding to deliver content at native frame rate and color space over Gigabit Ethernet with two frames of latency. With support […]

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Matrox Maevex 6100 Quad Encoder Card Now Available

January 11, 2017

Matrox announced the immediate availability of the next generation of Matrox’s H.264 AV-over-IP portfolio, the Matrox Maevex 6100 quad encoder card. Delivering quad 4K input capture, the Maevex 6100 also offers multiple encodes, variable bitrates, and a broad choice of protocols, allowing simultaneous streaming and recording of four or more channels. The Matrox Maevex 6100 […]

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AMX by HARMAN Debuts Low-Bandwidth/Compressed 4K Over IP

October 4, 2016

HARMAN’s AMX just launched the N2300 Series of 4K lower-bandwidth video over IP solutions. With a bandwidth of less than 200 megabits per second, users can distribute 4K video over existing Gigabit Ethernet networks with what AMX says is only a latency of only one frame. The N2300 Series includes support for HDMI 2.0 and […]

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ClearOne Adds New Entry-Level Media Player/Decoder

May 31, 2016

ClearOne’s new entry-level VIEW Pro D310 Decoder features all the basic functionality to fully satisfy simple applications. The D310 Decoder features a small footprint and easy mounting behind any display. It delivers full-screen, single-image video; high-quality video with 4:2:0 video color sampling; and 1080p60, H.264-based high-profile decoding with lossless compression. The VIEW Pro D310 Decoder […]

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Atlona to Debut OmniStream, IP-Based AV 4K/UHD Encoder and Decoder at InfoComm

May 24, 2016

Atlona this week launched OmniStream, its first line of networked AV products line that’s spec’d to allow 4K/UHD video, audio and RS232 control over Gigabit Ethernet. Consisting of five products: AT-OMNI-111 Single-Channel Networked AV Encoder AT-OMNI-112 Dual-Channel Networked AV Encoder AT-OMNI-121 Single-Channel Networked AV Decoder AT-OMNI-122 Dual-Channel Networked AV Decoder AT-OMNI-232 Dual-Channel Dante Networked Audio […]

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iMAGsystems Claims Zero-Latency 4K Over IP

April 13, 2016

iMAGsystems just released a video over IP 4K encoder/decoder series called Lightning that’s based on the AptoVision chip-set. Claiming it to be an uncompressed, zero frame latency 4K Video over IP system using off the shelf Cat6A networking switches, Lightning delivers HDMI video up to 4k resolution (Buyer Beware: there is no chroma sampling rate […]

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Matrox Announces Maevex Multi-Encoding and Decoding Technology

April 5, 2016

Matrox Graphics today announced that it is expanding the Matrox Maevex product line of encoders and decoders with a new range of products designed for multiple real-time encoding, streaming, transcoding and recording. The Maevex 2 product line will feature a variety of form factors, including PCI Express cards, stand-alone appliances and OEM versions of the […]

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HARMAN Pro Claims Lossless 4K Ultra HD Video Over Standard Ethernet at ISE 2016

February 11, 2016

HARMAN Pro is using ISE 2016 in Amsterdam to launch the NMX-ENC-N2151 4K Encoder and NMX-DEC-N2251 4K Decoder that AMX says provides the same scalable solution as the rest of the AMX SVSI N2000 series but at resolutions up to 4096×2160. AMX says that JPEG 2000 compression allows Ultra HD media to be switched and […]

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VITEC Intros Affordable Video-Streaming Solution for Houses of Worship

November 17, 2015

VITEC today announced an integrated streaming solution designed to help houses of worship extend their reach across multiple campuses and foster a sense of community among church members who attend services at different sites. The solution, which bundles VITEC portable encoders and decoders with the Zixi, is billed as an “error-free” streaming protocol, and claims […]

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ClearOne Releases VIEW Pro D210 Decoderfor Digital Signage

February 3, 2015

ClearOne is starting to ship their new “value-priced” VIEW Pro D210 decoder that enables high-quality, low-latency media streaming over existing IP networks. ClearOne is describing this as a cost-efficient network device used for digital signage applications where common content is repeated over multiple displays and may not need professional-level audio amplification, or third-party equipment control. […]

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Extron Introduces New H.264 Streaming Media Player and Decoder

January 28, 2015

Extron has introduced the SMD 202 — the latest addition to the company’s H.264 Streaming AV product line. The SMD 202 is a compact media player and live stream decoder used in H.264 streaming applications. It provides the flexibility to present the signal from a locally connected AV device, decode a live streaming source, or […]

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ClearOne Adds 4:4:4 Digital Multimedia Streaming to Lineup

June 17, 2014

ClearOne’s new VIEW Pro is a 4:4:4 multimedia streaming box that claims lossless compression. Content can be distributed via IP to virtually an unlimited number of displays, and VIEW Pro is compatible with ClearOne’s StreamNet technology for auto discovery and control of all networked StreamNet products. ClearOne’s claims the VIEW product line is differentiated in […]

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Barco Intros Lossless Encoding/Decoding

February 6, 2014

Barco’s new version of its TransForm N system is the NGS-D200 video-to-data (V2D) encoder/decoder that’s capable of streaming graphics of up to 4 megapixels across networks. Barco’s TransForm N networked visualization system is an information distribution system that can distribute content from an infinite number of sources to an infinite number of displays. Simply connect […]

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Extron Now Shipping HDMI Streaming Encoders and Decoders

October 17, 2013

Extron is now shipping the VN-Matrix 250 series of encoders and decoders, which provide real-time transmission of high resolution HDCP-compliant HDMI, DVI or RGB video across standard IP networks. The VN-Matrix 250 Series accepts HDMI and RGB signals at resolutions up to 1920×1200 and 2048×1080 and streams video and audio over an IP network, preserving the native source resolution of digital […]

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Extron Introduces VN-Matrix 250 Encoder and Decoder for Streaming HDMI Over IP

July 23, 2013

Extron’s new VN-Matrix 250 encoders and decoders provide real-time transmission of high resolution HDCP-compliant HDMI, DVI or RGB video across standard IP networks for use in real-time streaming, recording and playback applications. The VN-Matrix 250 Series accepts HDMI and RGB signals at resolutions up to 1920×1200 and 2048×1080, and streams video and audio over an […]

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