Doing the Right Thing Is Easy

August 24, 2022

Since I start off columns with a quote more often than not, I begin to feel like it’s expected of me. So let’s lead off with this one, it’s one of my favorites: Salvador Dali said “[Everything] is either easy or impossible.” Normally when I bust that aphorism out, it’s in reference to having the […]

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The Customer With Two Brains

July 26, 2018

You may have noticed that magazines and other media have for some time been overflowing with content on left brain vs. right brain and a many other variations on that theme. This is NOT one of those articles. In fact, this article takes a completely different analytical path to understanding decision making and the brain […]

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InfoComm: In 2015, Make Decisions and Accept Consequences

January 21, 2015

By Dave Labuskes Executive Director, InfoComm I talked with my 21-year old son yesterday while I was on the way home from the airport. We got to talking about making decisions — the costs and the benefits. Of course, that’s my perspective of the conversation, as a “wise and all-knowing” Baby Boomer father. I’m sure […]

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Too Many Choices De-motivates Church Buyers

March 27, 2014

Competition is a good thing. I am a fan of the free-market system and like that, when organizations compete, the end-user is better served through better products, better design and better prices. What’s not as obvious is when the number of choices leads to decision-making paralysis. The axiom “just because you can doesn’t mean you […]

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