Control4 Recognizes New Pinnacle Status Dealers


Control4 Corporation announces that 84 authorized Control4 dealers world-wide will be distinguished with the Pinnacle achievement in 2018. This exclusive status recognizes exceptional growth and consistent quality in Control4 home automation, Pakedge networking, and Triad audio projects. The exclusive Pinnacle distinction signifies that a dealer has developed an immensely successful and long-term partnership with Control4, leading them to purchase one […]

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How Game Theory Can Change the Industry


I geek out when I find out new ways of using my smartphone — hidden features or undocumented I-didn’t-know-it-could-do-that shortcuts elicit mini-celebrations and a secret calculation of how much more more value I just got out of the original purchase price. Usually these are shortcuts and features that existed when the phone launched; I’m just […]

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