dARTS Introduces Flyte System Aimed at Home Theater Audio


dARTS Theater (Digital Audio Reference Theater System), a sub-brand of MSE Audio, just announced the Flyte System, a complete 5.1 package, designed to bring a theater experience to any room. The dARTS Flyte System, features one DP4000-IA amplifier, five in-wall or on-wall Flyte speakers and one DCB 12” subwoofer. The dARTS DP4000-IA Amplifier manages an […]

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Phase Technology Updates dARTS Digital Theater Systems


Phase Technology announced a new version release of its dARTS (Digital Audio Reference Theater System) 660 and 535 Series Speaker systems with enhanced custom room calibration. Each dARTS system is configured as a home theater solution package to include performance-matched speakers and an amplifier that calibrates the speakers’ performance to accommodate the nuances of the […]

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