Where Customers Fall Down

May 18, 2021

  Photo by: Kate Couch with Canva Written By: Tony Sprando and Kate Couch  What we believe and what we feel about a situation has strong ties. This usually circulates around the values we attach to something. When you reach for an apple in the grocery store, you hesitate and hover for a moment to […]

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The Vertical Market Customer Buying Journey

October 17, 2018

Helping prospects and clients inform themselves during their customer buying journey is not a one-size-fits-most process due to the exponential growth of online search. Instead of manufacturers and systems integrators publishing generic product features, benefits and specifications, today’s influencers and decision-makers are searching for how products work in their unique vertical markets and applications. To […]

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All the Feels

May 31, 2016

Our cat passed away a few months ago, and we kinda sorta forgot to pick up her ashes. Our vet’s office sent us a very kind letter where they struck just the right balance between “we’re very sorry for your loss” and “you really need to come back and get these cremains.” The thought that […]

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Remember When Your TV Just Turned On?

May 16, 2016

I love new technology. In fact, I teach a course on how new technology effects Advertising, Marketing and PR at the University of North Carolina. But, sometimes I hate it. Remember when your TV just turned on? Oh, how I long for this days… Now, then you hit the TV power button on your remote […]

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Everything is Empathy

December 3, 2013

Think about your last horrible experience with a company. Perhaps the product didn’t work as expected or advertised. Did that company listen to you and try to make it right in a way that was mutually acceptable? Or did you get the loathsome “I’m sorry you feel that way,” which is a particularly insidious type […]

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Beginning With the End in Mind

November 22, 2013

By Paul Flanigan Executive Director, Digital Screenmedia Association While we love to talk about technology, we must never forget the real reason we create these solutions. I love to surf the web. I just love it. I cannot believe how much stuff there is out there. Tons of it. What I find particularly enjoyable is […]

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