Symetrix Announces Release of SymVue for Control Server


Symetrix has announced the release of its SymVue software for their Control Server hardware. SymVue is a server-based application designed to control Symetrix DSPs. SymVue enables custom GUIs authored using Symetrix Composer running on the Symetrix Control Server hardware. Application-specific control screens can be designed and tested in minutes, without writing any code. With SymVue […]

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Symetrix Releases Control Server, USB Audio Card and Composer v5.6


Symetrix, Inc announced this week the release of the Control Server platform, as well as the USB Audio Card for its Dante-enabled Radius and Edge DSPs and an update to Composer v5.6, its award-winning open architecture design software. Control Server is a web services platform for control of network AV systems, including Symetrix Radius, Edge, Prism, and Solus NX […]

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