ComQi OnSite Allows Site-Based Content Updates for Signage Networks

June 27, 2019

A new ComQi toolset called OnSite lets digital signage network operators empower local offices and shops to update their own on-screen messaging, while still maintaining tight central office controls on approvals, scheduling and design. Designed and developed from ground up to optimize the latest capabilities of cloud-based web services and HTML5-based presentations, ComQi’s OnSite enables […]

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BrightSign Announces Integration with Three Leading CMS Providers

March 27, 2017

BrightSign, a manufacturer of digital signage media players, today announced that a trio of leading CMS providers are now compatible with the company’s media players. ComQi, Four Winds Interactive and Signagelive have all integrated their platforms with BrightSign’s Series 3 family of media players and validated them as compatible with their respective CMS platforms.“Our focus has always been to […]

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NYDSW: NEC Display Partners Present Their Applications at the New York Showcase

November 4, 2016

Last week at the New York Digital Signage Week, several companies showed off their applications solutions and integration with NEC at their New York Partner Showcase.   Stratos Media showed off their retail analytics platform in collaboration with NEC Displays. Smarter Trash presented their trash compactor with a 3 screen digital top. SRUI introduced their […]

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Can AV and IoT Be the New Convergence?

April 11, 2016

For the longest time (12-15 years?) we have been talking AV/IT convergence. Some will even refer to it as IT/AV. Why? Well, if I was to surmise I’d say that those who are may still be trying to bring validation to this concept, the merger of IT and AV where now AV takes the second player […]

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ComQi Has Strong Q1 2014

April 17, 2014

Marketplace momentum from emerging partnerships focused on vertical markets and enterprise opportunities highlight a strong Q1 and continuing 2014 outlook for shopper engagement technology firm ComQi. The New York-based software and services firm is actively collaborating on quick service restaurant menus and messaging with Everbrite, one of the largest and most well-established retail sign companies […]

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Digital Menu Systems Driving Sales at UK McDonald’s Stores

January 21, 2014

McDonald’s stores in the United Kingdom have been steadily testing and expanding the use of customer-facing digital display systems, as the quick service restaurant giant seeks innovative new ways to increase footfall, communicate broader menu options, and boost average customer spends. Digital displays are now used in hundreds of stores — fully guided by The […]

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Toshiba Enters the Digital Signage Fray, Will Basically Do Everything (Including Content)

November 21, 2013

Last week I attended a press event in Florida held by Toshiba in conjunction with the company’s LEAD 2013 End User conference. This conference is really geared to Toshiba MPS (Managed Printing Services) dealers. In case you are not sure what that is (I wasn’t), MPS dealers are basically the people that sell, service and […]

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ComQi and Aceso Partner for Healthcare AV Market

July 16, 2013

ComQi and Aceso (a healthcare management solutions provider) announced a partnership in serving the healthcare sector with turn-key digital media solutions. Basically, what’s happening is that Aceso has integrated ComQi’s Engage Content Management platform into its enterprise level UpTech platform that offers a cloud based digital media system for hospitals and healthcare facilities. The content […]

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Kramer Enters Digital Signage Market By Taking Over ComQi’s Hardware Department

January 29, 2013

Kramer Electronics has announced what is being called a “license agreement” with ComQi. What does it mean? Well, I spoke with Sharon Sonesh, the product and marketing communications manager just a few minutes ago, and she told me that Kramer is basically taking over the manufacturing of all of ComQi’s hardware and now ComQi will […]

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ComQi Launches New Mobile Apps for Digital Signage

January 19, 2012

ComQi announced the launch of five new place-based mobile applications interacting with digital signage displays in a retail venue. Powered by ComQi’s Interaction Manager, these mobile Apps include: voting, information and couponing, group buying, quizzes and games. According to ComQi, consumers can connect to the Interaction Manager platform with their smart phones through a variety […]

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