AV Companies and the Threat of New Entrants

May 25, 2017

In recent editorials, I’ve been going over Porter’s Five Forces and putting them into context for businesses of the AV business. To review, here are the Five Forces: Threat of new entrants Threat of substitutes Bargaining power of customers Bargaining power of suppliers Industry rivalry For this installment, I want to discuss the threat of […]

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Staying in Control

April 12, 2017

AV install professionals like to see themselves as completely different from the mass-market consumer electronics retailers. Exterior details may vary from upscale retail storefront, or by-appointment-only showrooms and they take pains to present an impeccable image of expertise and professionalism that sets them apart from the look and feel of a big box store. The […]

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Too Many Choices De-motivates Church Buyers

March 27, 2014

Competition is a good thing. I am a fan of the free-market system and like that, when organizations compete, the end-user is better served through better products, better design and better prices. What’s not as obvious is when the number of choices leads to decision-making paralysis. The axiom “just because you can doesn’t mean you […]

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Who Is Our Competition Anyway?

May 31, 2013

In my 18th year as part of this industry called AV, I am truly amazed at what has become of this great field we are in.  While I have not been around as long as many of you, I still remember the days of the shoot outs. Not with projectors mind you, but with the […]

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