The Evolution of Technology Spaces


Evolving how we understand and design collaborative spaces One of the most consistent things we see in corporate facilities/classrooms/lecture halls worldwide is that they have been equipped with some manner of technology package that is there for the users of that space to better communicate with others. And one of the most consistent things about […]

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Top AV and Collaboration Predictions for 2019


2018 has been an interesting and eventful year in the AV and collaboration industries.  We’ve seen a number of mergers and acquisitions, rebranding of products, new players big and small entering the market and an avalanche of new products. So what does 2019 have in store for us? I don’t have a crystal ball, but […]

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Forget Home PCs And Bring A Business-Grade Digital Signage PC To Work


By Jami McGraw Does the blender at your local smoothie place look anything like the one you’ve got at home? Do your auto mechanic’s power tools seem a little more “robust” than the ones gathering dust on your workbench at home? Of course. High-demand, business-grade jobs require heavy-duty products that just work, and work. And […]

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What Does Success Look Like in 2019 for InfoComm?


“What does success look like in 2019 for InfoComm?” asks InfoComm Executive Director Dave Labuskes. This question is at the heart of InfoComm’s new strategic plan, which board members and employees are working hard on and expect to finalize and put into action sometime next year. The new strategic plan was a focus of Labuskes’ […]

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Be a Better Customer


I will admit straight off that this post is somewhat of a rant, but I am tired of bad customers. The customer, despite claims to the contrary, is not always right. My wife does a lot of marketing work for everything from Comic Con to auto shows to demonstrating espresso machines. She is amazing at […]

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New Technologies and New Opportunities


While you’re at InfoComm, take a look for technologies that are NOT typically associated with the AVL market but have clear in-roads for systems integrators: networking, cloud computing and storage, automation technologies (and not just AV automation) and even Bluetooth Low Energy. The trends that look beyond thin displays, LED lighting and new levels of […]

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InfoComm: In 2015, Make Decisions and Accept Consequences


By Dave Labuskes Executive Director, InfoComm I talked with my 21-year old son yesterday while I was on the way home from the airport. We got to talking about making decisions — the costs and the benefits. Of course, that’s my perspective of the conversation, as a “wise and all-knowing” Baby Boomer father. I’m sure […]

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