Séura Introduces +Color Capability for Lighted Mirrors

April 27, 2017

Séura is introducing a revolutionary capability that allows designers the opportunity to add colors to lighted mirrors. The new offering, named +Color, was created to provide an opportunity for designers to use lighted mirrors as a fully-integrated artistic element of their customers’ color palette and brand identity. Séura’s +Color process couples Séura’s Computer Numeric Control (CNC) etching with the […]

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Image Colors Matter — Choose an Inorganic LCD Projector

August 5, 2016

In a side by side comparison of color display, the Inorganic LCD Projector was far superior to a single chip DLP projector.  This is most noticeable for customers who are creating marketing materials for display use.  Just imagine spending hours on creating a new brand with a variety of colors, handpicked by you and your […]

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Wide Color Gamut Displays Bring Opportunity and Some Concerns

June 10, 2015

The UHD-TV specification calls for a new color gamut, the so-called 2020 gamut. It expands the RGB primaries to the edge of the spectral locus to create the biggest color gamut yet. Displays that can achieve this gamut, or close to it, will show us colors we have never before seen on electronic displays, which […]

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Grab Your Digital Crayons

February 10, 2014

The focus of this series “Power of Content” is to help people with content strategies and how they relate to digital screen media. With a bleak grey winter across the northern hemisphere, I thought it’s time to talk about color. The basics of color can summed up by saying that there is a rainbow out […]

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