Revolabs FLX Wireless Conference Phone Works with Cisco UC Manager


Revolabs today announced that the Revolabs FLX – a wireless VoIP conference phone – has successfully completed interoperability testing with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, version 8.6. Already a solution developer within the Cisco TelePresence technology category with the HD Single/Dual Channel wireless microphone systems, the company now joins the collaboration category with the FLX. The Cisco Developer Network unites Cisco with third-party […]

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Cisco’s Jabber Packs a Free Punch


IDC estimates the unified communications market (videoconferencing is one component), to grow to $44 billion by 2015. Microsoft’s Lync has enjoyed very little serious competition until this point. But now Cisco has released Jabber, a new crossplatform communications and messaging application designed to compete directly with Microsoft’s Lync. Working with all client devices and operating […]

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HP, Microsoft, Polycom: Bundling Against Cisco


Last summer Polycom bought HP’s video and telepresence business, becoming the exclusive videoconferencing supplier for HP’s reseller and integrator businesses. Now they will launch the first integrated, all-in-one solution bundle to come from the two vendors that’s intended to be sold through the channel. There will also be more bundles in the future. Hewlett Packard […]

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Sudden Death for Cisco’s umi


No press conference this time, no big announcement. Cisco just shuts off sales of its consumer videoconferencing system, umi. Call it tiptoeing away from an ill-fated business debacle. Call it slinking away from another disaster for the once-infallible Cisco who thought it could easily crossover into consumer marketing. Introduced in Oct. 2010, umi offered full […]

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Cisco Makes Its Move and Says “Cius”


Cisco launches its Cius tablet (pronounced “SeeUs”) for business, a 7” touch screen tablet computer running on the Android operating system. Yes, it’s definitely going to be compared to the iPad. But this Cisco product is all about business and Cius comes in two form factors: tablet and a desktop dock — a phone-like format. […]

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What’s in the Cisco Approval?


The European Commission approved the $3.4 billion acquisition, and the U.S. Department of Justice won’t challenge it: Cisco’s acquisition of Tandberg will go through and change the video conferencing landscape forever. But as with any political victory, there’s wheeling-and-dealing that pays the price for the deal. In this case, to win EC blessing, Cisco agreed […]

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Cisco: The Newest HD VTC Company (Ah, but don?t call it VTC or their PR Department will FREAK OUT)

A humongous company entering an existing market tends to validate it, and that’s what Cisco will do for high definition video conferencing with the company’s announcement of its new TelePresence product. Sure, companies such as PolyVision, Polycom, TANDBERG, ClearOne, VTEL and Sony slogged through this market for years before technology caught up with what they […]

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ClearOne Announces Chat 150 for Cisco Telephones

ClearOne has a new way for you to add high-quality full-duplex speaker phones to Cisco handsets. The new Chat 150 for Cisco lets users continue to use the functionality built into the handsets, including access to company directory, voicemail, audio bridge functions, call transfer, etc., but adds conferencing quality and features. Users initiate these functions […]

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