Channel Vision’s AmpServant Serves as Multi-Room Switcher


Channel Vision announced its new Amp-Servant to the custom installation marketplace. Channel Vision’s new ARIA “Amp-Servant” features a built-in, three-source auto switcher that allows switching to the audio source (Tos-link, Cat5, and RCA), in that room based on priority levels set by the installer. This brings the capability of listening to any manufacturers multi-room audio […]

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RTI Announces Integration With Channel Vision’s Elite Series SI-8000 IP Front Door Station


RTI today announced integration with Channel Vision Technology’s Elite Series SI-8000 front door station, allowing it to be used with RTI control devices featuring intercom capabilities. Channel Vision’s SI-8000 features a built-in IP camera that allows residents to receive video calls when visitors ring the doorbell, while an integrated strike provides the capability to unlock […]

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Channel Vision’s New IP Intercom Features Touch Screen Room Stations & App


Channel Vision announced a new IP-based intercom systems along with a 7” IP Touch Screen. The new IP systems centralize your home electronics into one system and residents receive video push notifications to their touch screen or a phone app upon a visitor ringing the doorbell. For single family homes, the SI-8000 series front door […]

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Channel Vision’s IP Intercom Features Touch Screen Room Stations and Smartphone App


Channel Vision debuts two new Elite Series IP-based intercom systems for single family homes and MDU/commercial buildings. Both front door stations are equipped with built-in IP cameras that allow homeowners to receive video push notifications to their touch screen station or the new U-COM app, available for Android and iOS systems and designed specifically for […]

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Channel Vision Enlarges Enclosures for Larger Electrical Knockouts


Channel Vision has renovated its 19” enclosures to feature larger electrical knockouts than previous models. The modification provides more space for installers to work with and facilitates the installation of networking modules. The company has also reinforced its packaging of all enclosure and cover doors to protect products from any damage inflicted while in transit. […]

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Channel Vision Intros IR-5011 All-In-One IR Repeater System


Channel Vision has launched its IR-5011 IR Repeater Kit. This kit repeats the remote codes the most popular cable boxes such as Uverse, Cisco, Motorola and Scientific Atlanta. Using what Channel Vision class self-modifying software to adjust the IR code of each equipment provider, the new IR Repeater kit gives the user reliable performance. The kit includes an improved […]

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Channel Vision to Debut Audio Matrix


Channel Vision will debut an integrated audio matrix that features control over Wi-Fi from a Smartphone, tablet or computer and allows more integration options into other whole house audio systems than previous models. Channel Vision’s A4403 Integrated Audio Matrix includes four inputs and up to 16 output zones. Each input zone features a separate TOSLINK […]

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Chanel Vision Ships NVR


Channel Vision is shipping its new Network Video Recorder (NVR) adding more focused control, high-quality, reliable video recording and more options to integrate with existing systems than other NVRs on the market. The new NVR operates in four-channel mode and is designed for functionality and versatility in its various compatibility modes. Users can scan their […]

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Chanel Vision 1.3 Megapixel Mini IP Dome Camera Introduced


Channel Vision has released a new 1.3-megapixel, “vandal-proof,” mini IP dome camera in the form of the 6532. Using a 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor (1280×800 pixels at 30 frames per second), the 6532 features include Power over Ethernet (PoE) and digital noise reduction. It’s IP66 rated for outdoor conditions. Chanel Vision has also developed an […]

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Channel Vision Releases the Front Door Intercom Amplifier Kit for DP Series and IU Series Front Door Intercom Stations


Channel Vision finally released a front door intercom amplifier kit for its DP Series and IU Series Front Door Intercom Stations — something the CI community has been asking for for a long time. Dubbed the TE-AMP kit, it provides added volume and clarity when DP and IU Series Front Door Intercom Stations are placed […]

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Channel Vision Intros Wireless Bullet Camera


Channel Vision’s new 6544 Wireless IP Bullet Camera uses a 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor and has the ability to capture images up to 1280×800. Designed for professional video surveillance, the 6544 offers a high-performance wireless transmission with a wide coverage range, per the IEEE 802.11n standard; it also offers compatibility with IEEE 802.11 g and […]

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Channel Vision Announces High-Resolution Varifocal Dome Camera


Channel Vision has intro’d a new Varifocal Dome Camera in the 6821-O Varifocal Eyeball Dome, which uses the Sony 700VTL CCD. It offers the following features: IP66 Rated vandal-proof oil rubbed bronze finish waterproof outdoor design LED illumination for applications where there is no ambient light or shelter for the camera The 3-Axis mount allows for external focus and zoom control screws for fine-tuning […]

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Channel Vision Adds Access Control Door Stations to Front Door Intercom Line


Channel Vision has added the Access Control Door Stations (DS-3 Series) to its Front Door Intercom line. The DS-3 Series is a three-gang door station that integrates a weather-resistant speaker/microphone, doorbell button, access control keypad and color camera into one entry unit. Available in three configurations, integrators can choose from models that can integrate seamlessly […]

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