Altinex Expands Cable Nook Product Line with CNK202


Altinex has just introduced the CNK202 Cable Nook Modular Tabletop Interconnect Box, the company’s latest addition to its Cable Nook product line. The CNK202 Cable Nook provides a way of hiding and storing multimedia cables and fixed connectors. The new CNK202 has no mounting brackets. This feature enables integrators to install the unit from the […]

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Altinex Debuts CNK600 Cable Nook Customizable Interconnect Plates


Altinex just launched a new CNK600 Cable Nook interconnect box with SP2116SC and SP2117SC customizable interconnect plates. Designed for use in boardrooms and conference rooms, the CNK600 Cable Nook provides a means of hiding/storing cables and connectors when not in use. The SP2116SC and SP2117SC interconnect plates include HDMI, VGA, USB, network access, USB charging, AC power and more. […]

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