When the Brand Stands Behind You


Manufacturers love to hear these words: “Whenever I see [nsert-brand-name-here] on my equipment, I feel confident about our production.” This is a powerful endorsement from an end-user that is hot marketing copy for creating brand loyalty ads. But how often do you see the opposite happen? “Whenever we see [insert-church-tech-director-here] using our gear, we feel […]

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10 Years Ago This Week: An Improving HomeAV Market in a Weak Economy


I found this article form 10 years ago — it was my wrap-up piece form attending CEDIA. I thought the observations about what was dominating the show were interesting, but what was more interesting were my comments about the economy. Ten years ago, we also had a bad economy, but HomeAV tech was interesting enough, […]

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The Cornerstones of Running a Successful Business: Part Two


There are many things you have to worry about when running a business. Taxes, insurance, costs of goods, overheads, all of these things affect your profitability. While you can streamline and closely manage all of these expenses to minimize their impact, you still have to sell something to make money. Selling is the most important […]

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Everything is Empathy


Think about your last horrible experience with a company. Perhaps the product didn’t work as expected or advertised. Did that company listen to you and try to make it right in a way that was mutually acceptable? Or did you get the loathsome “I’m sorry you feel that way,” which is a particularly insidious type […]

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Loyalty is the New Currency


A friend of mine travels the country providing environmental projection and lighting for churches. The fact that he’s now an Executive Platinum member on American Airlines is due entirely to how frequently he travels the country providing this service to countless churches, where he introduces church leaders to the possibility of endless scenic solutions for […]

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Audio Design, Inc. & k2 Dealer Services Announce Merger


Audio Design announced this week a merger with k2 Dealer Services. Both firms provide design services to dealers including outsourced design, best practices, standards and design processes. Audio Design, Inc., founded in 2006 by Curt Hayes, is a leader in providing outsourced design services and is now supported by a team with a combined 100+ […]

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Kramer Electronics and Calibre UK Partner


Kramer Electronics and Calibre UK have announced a global joint sales, supply, development and business co-operation agreement. Basically, Calibre’s proAV and broadcast products will be marketed and sold by Kramer sometime by the end of this year. That includes Calibre’s scalers, video processing products, warping, geometry correction and edge-blending with models for fixed installation and […]

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How is Apple Impacting Your Next Product?


By Bill MacKenzie DisplayDaily Forward-looking supply chain managers track Apple with an eye toward seeing what tech features are being introduced by the company and how they can be used by other brands for their businesses. By way of example, Apple first introduced fingerprint recognition for the iPhone last year and recently is trumpeting its […]

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2 B or not 2 B (What Makes the Next Gen Client Different)


Last month, we talked about the idea that the next generation of client will have changing standards in quality, production values and even the very nature of work and communication. I proposed that these changes would create fundamental differences in the way they made purchase decisions, especially those involving the public communications aspect of what […]

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Design Thinking And How It Can Help Build A Better, More Sustainable Business Practice and Supply Chain In The Technology Industry


Design Thinking – It is not really a term that is familiar to many people but has significant impact on our daily lives and, more importantly, how we can develop better products and solutions in a more efficient and sustainable manner.  Unlike the scientific method, which defines the question, then works towards a solution after […]

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The VCA Family: Al Berlin


When I was deciding to make a change in my career path there were so many things wracking my brain and the fear of the unknown can be pretty scary — well at least it was for me. Corporate culture is really important to me and since I was already working with some pretty amazing […]

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