October 19, 2018

Last week, I attended Oculus Connect, the conference for Facebook/Oculus virtual reality developers. It was one of the best glimpses I have yet seen into the uses of a new technology that will change the way we do business in industries with events or communication and collaboration with remote people (rental and staging, collaboration, education, […]

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InfoComm: The Value Proposition of Videoconferencing May Have Been a Little Off, But That’s OK

October 15, 2014

By Brad Grimes Director of Editorial Services, InfoComm International Have you seen the new TV advertisements for GoToMeeting, the online collaboration tool that most of us have probably used at one time or another? The company is highlighting videoconferencing integration and touting reduced travel as a top benefit. Been there? Done that? I probably don’t […]

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Five Things Every College Graduate Needs for Business Travel

September 18, 2014

As a college professor, I am fortunate to have met and even participated in the education of some really talented and bright students. In addition to teaching a New Media Technologies class that includes social media marketing, I also teach a semester-long course on personal branding. Basically, it’s a 4-month class where you create and […]

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Five Simple Services Every Business Traveler Wants, Actually — NEEDS

August 27, 2014

If you travel a lot for business, I’ll bet you can name the top five services all business travelers want off the top of your head — without thinking about it. But, if you’re not a weekly road warrior, you might not realize what you want (aka NEED) when you travel until it’s too late […]

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