2010 rAVe Best of InfoComm Awards: Best New Control System Software Product


Crestron’s Flash-Powered Touch Panel Interface. Crestron’s Flash-based touch panel interface is a dream for interface designers. Since Flash is already a widely-used web standard, you can now buy Flash objects (e.g., a turning knob) inexpensively or hire a Flash programmer (much easier to find inexpensively) to design custom objects, not to mention all the cool […]

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2010 rAVe Best of InfoComm Awards: Most Ubiquitous Technology


Networked AV. InfoComm 2010 will be remembered as the year that just about every manufacturer had an IP-addressable or “streamable” product. For years, companies like AMX, Crestron and Extron have had IP-addressable control systems; others like Christie, Sony, Sanyo and NEC have had IP-controllable displays and networked audio made its debut almost a decade ago. […]

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