Avnu Certification of Cisco Catalyst Series Switches Expands Options for AVB/TSN Solutions


Biamp says that its Tesira customers will have more AVB-capable switches to choose from when designing and installing AVB/TSN systems. The Cisco Catalyst family of switches includes the AVB-enabled 9300 and 9500 Series and the recently Avnu-certified 3650 and 3850 Series of switches. Avnu certification confirms interoperability for AVB systems using Catalyst switches. Cisco Catalyst […]

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AVnu Alliance Adds Bose, Arrive, Revolabs and LG to Advance AVB Certification


AVnu Alliance, the industry consortium that certifies Audio Video Bridging (AVB) products for interoperability, has introduced four new member companies to the Alliance: Bose Corporation, LG, Arrive Systems and Revolabs. We’ve written about the AVB Alliance a lot, as well as its competitive standard HDBaseT. If you don’t have a clue what we’re talking about, you’d better get educated as, […]

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AVnu Alliance Launches Broadcast Advisory Counsel


AVnu Alliance, the industry forum that certifies Audio Video Bridging (AVB) products for interoperability, has announced the formation of the AVnu Alliance Broadcast Advisory Council (AABAC). The AABAC was launched today during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show in Las Vegas. Serving as a forum for network technologists and AVnu Alliance members, the […]

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