HoloLens: AV’s Killer App


If you haven’t heard of HoloLens you need to see this Microsoft announcement. HoloLens is more than Google Glass in that it presents 3D images overlaid onto your view, but not the total immersion of the Oculus Rift which completely replaces your view with CGI. While both Glass and Rift have been in the public eye under development for […]

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Creativity Has Nothing To Do With Technology


Creativity has nothing to do with technology. It certainly has nothing to do with the type of tools you have to offer or even how many of your tools church clients are using today. No, creativity is what enables people to use your technology. Creativity Puts No Requirements On The Pocketbook The engineers and designers […]

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Their army has assembled On the border of the land.        Some say they want no battle But to work hand in hand. Yet there has been a small invasion Into the outer realms One which may show intentions Of what is still to come. Reminiscent of a battle At an ancient date But played out […]

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My AV Pet Peeves


I’ve mentioned before that since working in AV, I’ve had my entire world flipped upside down when it comes to “experiencing” AV in the real world. Whether it’s at a concert, in a retail location, at an airport, or somewhere else, I’m CONSTANTLY noticing the littlest things about the AV integration and setups in different […]

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The AV-Team


“In 1982 a crack commando unit was sent to Japan by IBM to install a Video Conferencing system that did not yet exist. These men promptly saw the potential and left IT, escaping to the Audio Video underground. Today, still wanted by an array of clients, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have […]

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Get Small or Go Large?


Rightfully so, there has been much postulated about AV and IT. You know: all about how they’ve “converged,” how one might not fully understand the other and which is the tail and which is the dog. And while we here in the AV Club are unabashedly biased to the “A” game we also embrace all […]

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The VAR Aspect of AV

November and December are typically quieter in ProAV news than other months, as you see from this issue. Everyone’s doing their budgets and planning for next year. Manufacturers should be putting as much into R&D as they are into marketing in 2007. This market could be up for grabs. IT not only wants in AV, […]

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