Audipack Debuts Silent 9300, an ISO 4043-2016 Certified Sound Booth


Audipack’s new Silent 9300-IS0 is an ISO 4043-2016 simultaneous interpretation booth. That means it meets the requirements set for the quality and transmission of sound and image provided to interpreters. The Silent Series consists of three versions, the Silent 6300, the Silent 9300 and 9500. All versions are fully transportable. Here are the details.

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Audipack Launches FSW-Atlas Mobile Mount AV System


The FSW Atlas is a mobile, large-screen mount system that Audiopack is calling a “trolly,” which includes an integrated speakers and all necessary connections for power and signal routing. Included with lockable wheels, the rollable mount system includes connectivity for HDMI, RJ45, PowerCON and space for other connections. In the vertical columns of the mount […]

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Audipack Shows New One-Man Solution for Transportation and Installation of a Flat Screen


At ISE 2011, Audipack demo’d the FS-QR120E, a one-man system for transportation and installation of a flat screen at variable heights. The compact system allows you to put together the components and stand and attach the screen while it’s still inside the flight case. Then when you push a button, the display will be lifted […]

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