Channel Vision’s AmpServant Serves as Multi-Room Switcher


Channel Vision announced its new Amp-Servant to the custom installation marketplace. Channel Vision’s new ARIA “Amp-Servant” features a built-in, three-source auto switcher that allows switching to the audio source (Tos-link, Cat5, and RCA), in that room based on priority levels set by the installer. This brings the capability of listening to any manufacturers multi-room audio […]

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Kramer Shows New 16 Port Audio Switcher


Kramer announced a new audio matrix in the form of the VS-106 – a combo switcher/amplifier for unbalanced stereo audio signals originally designed for the demonstration of speaker systems in a retail environment. The switcher mechanically switches a single stereo line input to one output that can be either one of ten unpowered unbalanced audio […]

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