Anchor Will Launch Next Generation PA System


Anchor Audio will launch a new generation of portable PA systems on March 1, 2018. This new generation of portable audio products promise to deliver clear, dependable audio with improved simplicity and reliability for customers. The most significant changes include the implementation of a new wireless platform, AnchorLink, operating in the 1.9 GHz frequency range and new Lithium […]

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Anchor Audio Debuts Battery-Powered, Wireless, Portable Line Array Systems at InfoComm 2017


Anchor Audio’s newest arrival to the Anchor AIR product line – the Bigfoot and Beacon AIR – will debut at InfoComm. The company first released AIR wireless companion speakers in their flagship Liberty Platinum product line in June 2016, and throughout the year added the battery-powered wireless connection technology into the MegaVox Pro, Go Getter, and lastly the Bigfoot Line Array and Beacon Line Array. All systems with […]

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Anchor Audio’s Bigfoot and Beacon Line Arrays Add AIR Wireless Capability


Anchor Audio has announced that the Bigfoot and Beacon line array’s now offer the AIR wireless technology, and have complete wireless capability and connectivity between units. The Bigfoot and Beacon AIR’s are not passive companion units, but instead, are main units with either an AIR transmitter or AIR receiver built-in. The units can be used […]

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Go Getter Now Includes AIR Wireless Companion Speaker


Anchor Audio has announced the Go Getter AIR wireless companion speaker. Anchor Audio’s Go Getter AIR is battery powered, operates 6-8 hours or more on a single charge, and can be placed 150+ feet from the transmitter. Transmitters come as an optional built-in upgrade to the main sound system. One transmitter can connect to an […]

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My InfoComm 2016 Video Interview with Anchor Audio


Anchor Audio’s VP of Sales, Alex Jacobs debuted a wireless version of their Liberty battery-operated powered speaker — called Liberty Air. It’s aimed at the educational and live events market and it’s water resistant, and has a 5-6 hour battery. Oh, and you can daisy-chain up to 10 of them together! Check out my video […]

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AIR Wireless Companion Speaker Debuts at InfoComm 2016


InfoComm marked the debut of the Liberty AIR and MegaVox AIR wireless companion speakers from Anchor Audio, Inc. The company has offered unpowered companion speakers for many years, but now Liberty AIR and MegaVox AIR set a new industry standard, as the first battery-powered wireless companion speakers in Anchor Audio’s line. The AIRs are battery […]

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Anchor Audio Ships Bigfoot Portable Audio System


Anchor Audio is now shipping its Bigfoot Line Array portable speaker system that was announced at InfoComm. The portable, battery-operated speaker system outputs 130 dB and 400 watts AC/DC of sound through its five 8” neodymium woofers and one high-efficiency tweeter, all powered by three rechargeable batteries and one neodymium compression driver. It comes in […]

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 385: InfoComm 2015 Special Podcast: Anchor Audio’s President Debuts BigFoot Portable Line Array


One of the most exciting new products at InfoComm will be BigFoot from Anchor Audio. It’s a 400-watt portable line array (designed to cover a space that holds more than 5,000 people – that means it could cover from one end of a football field to the other) with a Bluetooth-enabled line array with four […]

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Anchor Audio to Launch Bigfoot Powerful Portable PA System at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando


The Bigfoot Line Array is being promoted by Anchor Audio as the most powerful battery-operated, portable PA ever built — and it will debut this June at InfoComm 2015. The Bigfoot outputs 130 dB and 400 watts AC/DC of sound through its five 8” neodymium woofers and one high-efficiency tweeter, all powered by three rechargeable […]

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Anchor Adds Bluetooth


Anchor Audio has now made Bluetooth as a standard feature in its Portable Sound Systems and Portable Public Address Systems. Starting in August, Anchor Audio began offering Bluetooth as a standard feature in the Beacon, Liberty, Go Getter and MegaVox systems, at no additional cost. Even the base model has the Bluetooth functionality, free to […]

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InfoComm: Wireless Sound Systems Find Their Niche


By Dan Daley Special to InfoComm International The phrase “portable PA system” conjures up images of an ancient E-V bullhorn speaker with a handgrip connected by a thick curly-Q wire to the kind of microphone Broderick Crawford used on Highway Patrol in the 1950s. And anything that conjures up images of Broderick Crawford isn’t actually […]

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Anchor Ships Go Getter Portable Sound System


Anchor Audio’s newest portable sound system, the Go Getter, will begin shipping on Sept. 1, 2013 and like all Anchor products, it’s built and shipped same-day. The Go Getter includes customizable options available on the speaker, including wireless capability and the addition of an MP3/CD player. The Go Getter is battery powered and easy to […]

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Anchor Audio Go Getter Portable Sound System Introduced


Anchor Audio announced the arrival of its newest portable sound system, the Go Getter. This battery powered system comes with standard options that make it ideal for school assemblies, sporting events, corporate and military training, outdoor theaters and houses of worship. Anchor Audio will be introducing the Go Getter Portable Sound System and its package […]

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InfoComm Spotlight: Anchor Audio Does Portable PA Even Better


Anchor Audio has been just that – an anchor in the AV market for since 1975. And, they are and have been the leading manufacturer of portable public address sound systems, wired and wireless intercoms and lectern systems ever since. Anchor President Janet Jacobs agreed to be on Joel Rollins’ THE WEEK podcast to talk […]

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