On Single-Source AV Systems and How We Get There


Last summer, I discussed the tension between selecting “best in breed” components from a single manufacturer and locking oneself into a single ecosystem. As time passes, the industry is certainly moving in a direction in which a single ecosystem is not only increasingly possible, but increasingly desirable as well. We’ve all heard horror stories about […]

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Google Launches Smart Home Hub Called OnHub


They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. The new Google OnHub looks, well, almost identical to the Amazon Echo — both are cylindrical towers. Google’s is a Wi-Fi hub that’s designed to be a central controller for everything Google-owned or “approved” that can keep you entertained through your TV (or Android phone […]

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DISH Integrates Hopper DVR With Control Modules for AMX, Crestron, Pro Control and RTI


DISH has completed the integration of its Hopper DVR with control modules from leading home automation system providers, AMX by HARMAN, Crestron, Pro Control and RTI. This development allows dealers to speed the installation process by leveraging auto-discovery tools that quickly identify the presence of Hopper and Joey receivers within a customer’s home network. In […]

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AMX Intros New HydraPort Touch


At InfoComm, AMX launched the AMX HydraPort Touch — combining an AMX HydraPort with an ultra-slim AMX Modero S Series Touch Panel. The touch panel folds to hide into tables and accepts the MyTurn Source Selectors. The new HydraPort Touch integrates a HydraPort chassis with a 10″ or 7″ Modero S Touch Panel and, when […]

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AMX and Microsoft Announce Partnership to Integrate Surface Hub with AMX Meeting Room Control Ecosystem


At InfoComm, Microsoft and AMX announced that they have entered into a partnership to integrate Microsoft’s Surface Hub collaboration system with AMX control. Microsoft Surface Hub is a collaboration system that features a Windows 10-based 55″ HD or 84″ 4K display serving as a focal point for typical activities that take place during a collaboration […]

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HARMAN Acquires Networked AV Company SVSi


HARMAN International announced today that it has acquired SVSi, a maker of networked AV products, which will be incorporated into HARMAN’s AMX brand. Based in Huntsville, Alabama, SVSi manufactures and sells products for delivering a AV over an IP network. Included among these is a full range of encoders and decoders, windowing/wall processors, an audio […]

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AMX Launches New Alero Web Conferencing Audio Mixer for Meeting Rooms


At Integrated Systems Europe, AMX announced its new Alero Web Conferencing Audio Mixer, the ALR-AEC-8, a dedicated microphone mixer, designed specifically for web conferencing applications in medium to large meeting rooms. PC-based web conferences, like Skype, are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease of use and low cost and AMX designed the Alero Mixer […]

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AMX Intros New Enova DGX 100


At Integrated Systems Europe, AMX has launched its next generation in Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers, the 100 Series, adding 4K/Ultra-High Definition (UHD) support more audio support and what they are calling a simplified configuration and setup. The new 100 Series includes four models: the DGX 800 (8×8), DGX 1600 (16×16), DGX 3200 (32×32) and […]

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My Discussion with AMX’s Joe Andrulis and HARMAN’s Van Williamson About Merger


It’s been nearly a year since HARMAN announced the merger of AMX into its family of ProAV brands and, according to Joe Andrulis, VP of global marketing for AMX and Van Williamson, business development manager for HARMAN, the synergy of the two companies made the merger easy. In this video interview, they tell us the […]

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Extron Ships ShareLink 200 Wireless BYOD Collaboration Gateway


A couple of months ago, we wrote about Extron’s entry into the wireless sharing world and told you how this one was different than those from Crestron, Barco and AMX since it includes a moderator mode, 30 fps video playback and because of the fact that you can share content to up to four ShareLink […]

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17 Stands You Must See at ISE 2015


As you may know, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is Europe’s — and the world’s — largest AV show. Combining both residential and commercial AV technology in one giant trade show venue at the Amsterdam RAI, the show is nicely spread out in 12 easy-to-navigate halls that you can walk without back-tracking as it’s laid-out in […]

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What CES 2015 Means for the H.O.W. Market


Fellow geeks have united and converged upon Las Vegas, Nevada once again for the annual tech-fest that is the Consumer Electronics Show, and the future’s digital handwriting is on the proverbial wall: audio/video/lighting (A/V/L) technology is once again the dominant technology. With prognostications aside, the trends of these present-future technologies have a direct impact on […]

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AMX to Exhibit With HARMAN For the First Time at ISE in Amsterdam


Earlier today, I caught up with AMX VP of Global Marketing Joe Andrulis via a podcast and learned that the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) would, in fact, be the company’s first international trade show exhibiting integrated into the HARMAN Group. The stand, located in Hall 1 E12-E16, will include JBL, AKG, Crown, SoundCraft and a […]

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AMX Ships Alero Eight-Zone Distributed Audio Power Amplifier


HARMAN’s AMX announced at CEDIA EXPO 2014 that it’s shipping its Alero 8 Zone Power Amplifier (ALR-AMP-8). Whether listening to music in the living room, the kitchen or outdoors, Alero has multi-room distributed audio with 16 channels using a Class D amplifier technology that, when in standby power, it requires no external cooling sources to […]

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Sustainability and the ICT Industry


Many of my previous articles, especially the last one on manufacturing and green labels, revolve around the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. What I have noticed is the number of comments revolving around just what the ICT industry is comprised of and how that specifically relates to the common use of the word sustainability. […]

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AMX Adds NX Series Control Processor to Enova DGX


HARMAN’s AMX announced that all models of Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers are now integrated with the company’s NetLinx NX Series control processor with no change in pricing. DGX models (DGX 8, 16, and 32) incorporating the new NX control processors began shipping Aug. 11, 2014. NX Series controllers have been shipping in the Enova […]

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InfoComm Offers a Plethora of Collaborations Solutions


Practically everyone now offers a collaboration solution was the clear take away from my recent visit to InfoComm 2014. From telecons to document sharing; from video calling to video conferencing; solutions in all shapes and sizes could be had. I met with a number of companies at InfoComm and learned about many solutions, but clearly […]

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Weekly Wrap-Up: July 3, 2014


Did you miss something last week? Well, we have gathered some of the past week’s most important news stories so you can catch up. Each week we post the Weekly Wrap-Up featuring the stories we think you can’t afford to miss. This week we are featuring a post from Mark Coxon about AMX and Harman, […]

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HARMAN Completes AMX Acquisition


HARMAN last week announced the successful completion of its acquisition of AMX LLC, from The Duchossois Group, Inc. for $365 million. Richardson, Texas-based AMX is a provider of enterprise control and automation systems as well as audio/video switching and distributing solutions and will be integrated into HARMAN’s professional offerings servicing audio, video and IT pros. […]

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AMX Debuts Smaller Digital Switchers


AMX’s new Solecis Switchers are digital switchers designed for small/huddle spaces. By integrating an AV switcher, a distance transport transmitter and control inputs that enable switching without the need for an external controller, Solecis addresses the needs of many meeting scenarios. Simple interface options including an AMX HydraPort toggle button or a Keypad. And they […]

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AMX Adds Screen Mirroring and Web Conferencing to Enzo


At InfoComm 2014, AMX announced new enhancements to its Enzo Content Sharing and Conferencing Platform including the addition of screen mirroring of laptop and mobile device content. It also previewed upcoming support for web conferencing and simplified launching of Enzo sessions right from a touch panel or keypad. Enzo was designed as an application-based platform […]

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Harman’s AMX Buzz Translates Into Boost for Booth


Harman’s Eric Tarkiainen, Vice President of Global Marketing, explains to rAVe founder, Gary Kayye, that they’re perfectly positioned to integrate the video-centric AMX product line into the audio-centric HARMAN family of companies. An, although he wouldn’t confirm any more acquisitions for 2014, he made it clear that HARMAN is staking a claim on anything integrators […]

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Acquisition Summer: Some Thoughts on the Latest Goings-on in the World of Commercial AV


Greetings, friends and followers! My apologies for the various obligations (professional and personal), side-projects, and secret adventures which have kept me away from these pages for the past week. After a weekend off the grid at an undisclosed location I’m refreshed and ready to dive into all of the news in AV-land on this, the […]

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