Waiting for the Apple iWatch


By Charles Annis DisplaySearch Apple’s widely-anticipated entry into the smart watch market would be the company’s first major new product foray in several years. With Apple’s unparalleled functionality and design capabilities, as well as market clout, the “iWatch” could be just what smart watches need to move into the mainstream. In addition, the iWatch will […]

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The Backlight Behind Samsung’s Bendable LCD TV


By Jimmy Kim DisplaySearch As we reported, Samsung Electronics introduced a bendable LCD TV at CES this month. Other curved LCD TVs were introduced last year, but it was thought that bendable displays could only be achieved using AMOLEDs. Therefore, Samsung’s bendable LCD TV was more of a surprise than the AMOLED bendable TVs exhibited […]

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AMOLED Gets Ready to Scale Up


A major problem for active-matrix organic-light-emitting-diode (AMOLED) technology has been a stubborn lack of scalability. That is, the manufacturing processes used to fabricate the OLED array itself (often called the front plane) and the array of thin-film transistors that drive the OLEDs (often called the backplane) have worked very well on relatively small substrates (up […]

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