Amate Audio on Set for RTVE

June 14, 2022

Barcelona, Spain, June 13 — Spain’s RTVE national state-owned public-service television broadcaster recently teamed up with Antonio Banderas’ television production company, Teatro Soho Televisión (TST), to produce the 10 episode series of Las Tres Puertas, a new arts and culture show for its flagship TVE La 1 channel. The weekly program was produced live in RTVE’s Studio […]

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Amate Audio Releases X14FD Ultra-Compact Front-of-House PA and Stage Monitor System

March 2, 2022

Amate Audio announced the launch of the ultra-compact X14FD. The X14FD is a point source front-of-house PA and stage monitor system. It is the latest of its coaxial-based dual-purpose designs. The X14FD is a latest-generation Xcellence series self-powered active system and incorporates Amate Audio’s uprated Active+ digital power and control platform with high-order FIR filtering […]

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Amate Audio Launches New X102FD High Output Point Source for Small, Medium Applications

October 21, 2020

Amate Audio is launching the X102FD, a high output point source active 2x 10” system for medium and smaller size application environments. Capable of power and performance far in excess of its compact form factor, in these applications, a single pair of cabinets will outperform two strings of 4x 8” line array elements. In any […]

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Amate Audio Releases New Loudspeaker Management Processor Platform

March 27, 2020

The Amate Audio LMS206 is a dual-input/six-output loudspeaker management processor platform using a 64-bit DSP architecture. Fully configurable, each input is assignable to any output, with two crossovers — with selectable Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel filtering — and independent compressor/limiter settings available on each output. With four analog inputs, a two-channel AES/EBU digital input and […]

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LMS206 from Amate Audio Debuts

July 26, 2019

Amate Audio has introduced the new LMS206 loudspeaker management processor, making the advanced system configuration capabilities of its NÍTID active loudspeaker series available for use with passive audio systems. The LMS206 is the first of a series of next generation loudspeaker management processors, providing continuous ‘round the clock’ uncompromising operation, employing a 64-bit DSP architecture. […]

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Amate Audio Launches Smart Active Compact Loudspeaker Series Called NÍTID

January 24, 2018

ISE 2018 sees Amate Audio’s debut of its new Nítid,a high performance, ultra-compact active loudspeaker series. Nítid claims to establish a new performance paradigm for compact sound reinforcement, attaining higher SPLs and standards of sonic reproduction from cabinets of this size, at a competitive budget point. Feature highlights include premium components and the company’s universal switching mode power supply. Integral plug […]

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Dante Compatibility Added to Amate Audio’s DSP608

March 17, 2017

A new version of Amate Audio’s DSP608 digital loudspeaker management system has debuted — and it now features on-board support for Dante AoIP (audio over IP) multi-channel streaming signals. The six-in / eight-out, 1U 19” rackmount unit now additionally features a two-channel Dante input, via its RJ45 Ethernet port. Dante enables streaming of multiple channels […]

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