New Las Vegas Church Opens — Main Auditorium Outfitted With Alcons Pro-Ribbon System

March 4, 2021

Attracting around 4,000 worshippers each week, Hope Church in Las Vegas opened a new, 1,750-seat auditorium worship center and sanctuary in December 2020. The technical infrastructure was designed and installed by church technology specialists Stark Raving Solutions (SRS), who installed an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system in the main auditorium. At Hope Church, growth has been […]

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Alcons Adds to Pro-Ribbon Horizons Line

January 31, 2019

The Alcons CRMSC-SRHV/120 reference surround is a two-way passive-filtered full range loudspeaker, designed to meet all requirements of current and future surround sound formats. The CRMSC-SRHV/120 system consists of one RBN202 pro-ribbon driver for HF and a vented 6.5″ mid-bass for LF reproduction. The HF section has a 500-watt peak power input, enabling a 1:16 […]

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Alcons Introduces the CRMS-LFE18 LFE Subwoofer

August 31, 2018

The Alcons CRMS-LFE18 is a reference subwoofer system for very high-end listening applications. Typical applications include LFE system for quality-conscious post-production facilities and mastering suites, high-end mix/screening rooms, recording studios and premium home theaters. The direct-radiating 18″ transducer mounted in the internally-stiffened, sealed cabinet enables an in-room response below 10 Hz; The fast impulse response […]

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Alcons Intros the VR5 Mini Versatile Monitor

June 7, 2018

Alcons’ new VR5 is a two-way mini versatile loudspeaker, specifically designed for near-field applications where ultimate fidelity response needs to be projected with wide horizontal and vertical coverage. The VR5 consists of the RBN202 pro-ribbon driver for HF and a dedicated-designed 5″ mid-bass for extremely low-distortion LF reproduction. The VR5 HF section has a 400-watt […]

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Alcons Introduces CRMSC-SRHV Pro-Ribbon Reference Surround

January 18, 2018

The Alcons CRMSC-SRHV reference surround is a two-way passive-filtered full range loudspeaker, designed to meet all requirements of current and future immersive surround sound formats for studios, screening rooms and high-end residential cinemas. Featuring the Alcons pro-ribbon driver technology, the CRMSC-SRHV system consists of one RBN202 pro-ribbon driver for HF and a vented 6.5″ mid-bass for LF reproduction. […]

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Alcons Pro Ribbon Immersive Experience Returns to ISE 2018

January 5, 2018

In the year of Alcons Audio’s 15th anniversary, ISE 2018 sees the return of the popular Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience, new products and the company being an official Technology Partner for the new World Masters of Projection Mapping competition. For the Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience, Alcons will again be teaming up with Astro Spatial Audio (ASA) for pro […]

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Alcons Extends Coverage Of The QR24 Line-Source Column

October 20, 2017

The QR24/110 is a modular two-way column loudspeaker to be used as scalable vertical array system, for both permanent and (limited) portable applications. It combines a 1:1 linear and dynamic sound reproduction with superb intelligibility and throw, in even the acoustically most challenging environments. The symmetrical acoustic design, in combination with the wide, patented 110-degree horizontal dispersion of the […]

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Alcons Launches LR28/110 Wide Dispersion Larger Format Line Array

May 30, 2017

Alcons has launched the LR28/110 Wide Dispersion Larger Format Line Array — a three-way, line-source sound system for use as vertical array with extended horizontal coverage in up to the largest applications. Originally introduced in 2015, the LR28/80 features an 80º horizontal dispersion pattern, but is identical to the new, wide-dispersion LR28/110 in all other aspects. Both models […]

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Alcons Expands Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience at ISE 2017

January 18, 2017

ISE 2017 sees Alcons Audio returns to its ‘home show’ both as a an official ISE Technology Partner and with an expanded Alcons Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience. The Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience was one of the highlights of ISE 2016 and returns this year in expanded form, having also enjoyed critical acclaim at the CEDIA home technology […]

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Alcons Pro-Ribbon at InfoComm 2016

May 27, 2016

InfoComm 2016 marks the official five-year US anniversary date and leading audio innovator Alcons Audio will have a strong presence in and around the show. Besides being present with a booth (#C12316), Alcons will also be hosting on-site demonstrations, as well as an off-site product launch and a special pre-InfoComm presentation. Immediately prior to InfoComm, […]

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Alcons Introduces Smaller LR18 Pro-Ribbon Line-Array Speaker

March 22, 2016

Alcons has debuted its LR18 pro-ribbon line array. The three-way, “compact-mid-size” format line-source sound system implements Alcons’ pro-ribbon technology for mid and high frequencies and a fast impulse response with up-to-90 percent less distortion. This enables the LR18 to offer a fully intuitive linear response, with very high intelligibility and non-compressed identical tonal balance at […]

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Alcons Audio Details ISE Plans

January 29, 2016

As official “ISE Technology Partner,” Alcons pro-ribbon sound systems can be enjoyed on different locations on the ISE show floor, among which the Audio Solutions theatre in Hall 7 where an Alcons LR7 micro line-array will reinforce the seminar presentations. However, the best opportunity to hear what the Alcons “pro-ribbon fuzz” is all about, is […]

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