Atlona Ships 4K Switcher Featuring HDMI/HDBaseT Inputs


Atlona announced that its new premier commercial-market 4K switcher, the AT-UHD-SW-5000ED, is now shipping.  The five-input switcher includes two HDBaseT inputs and mirrored HDMI/HDBaseT outputs, offering integrators more flexibility in designing boardroom, classroom and other AV presentation systems. The SW-5000ED supports 4K/UHD@60 Hz, 4:2:0 video (10.2 Gbps) and transmits AV signals along with Ethernet, Power […]

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Gefen Ultra HD HDBaseT 2.0 Extender for HDMI Debuts at InfoComm


Gefen today introduced the EXT-UHDA-HBT2, a new HDMI extender that uses HDBaseT 2.0 technology to extend 4K digital AV, Ethernet, RS232, two-way IR, two-way audio and two-way POH compliant power up to 330 feet over one Cat5e cable. The EXT-UHDA-HBT2’s Sender and Receiver are compatible with all compliant HDBaseT systems and will easily interface with […]

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Wings Portable 4K Player Coming to Your Personal Display


AV Stumpfl introduces Wings Player, an easy to use mini media server that has most of the advanced performance features of today’s high-end media servers. As well as being the most powerful media player on the market today, it is housed in the most compact housing measuring just 335x90x220 millimeters. “We’ve listened to feedback from […]

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Atlona to Debut OmniStream, IP-Based AV 4K/UHD Encoder and Decoder at InfoComm


Atlona this week launched OmniStream, its first line of networked AV products line that’s spec’d to allow 4K/UHD video, audio and RS232 control over Gigabit Ethernet. Consisting of five products: AT-OMNI-111 Single-Channel Networked AV Encoder AT-OMNI-112 Dual-Channel Networked AV Encoder AT-OMNI-121 Single-Channel Networked AV Decoder AT-OMNI-122 Dual-Channel Networked AV Decoder AT-OMNI-232 Dual-Channel Dante Networked Audio […]

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KanexPro Launches Module-Based 4K Matrix Switcher


KanexPro announced the Flexible Modular Matrix (FLEX-MMX) switchers designed with 12, 16 and 32 adaptable PCI slots for VGA, DVI, HDMI and HDBaseT input or output cards — and they are spec’d to go up to 4K (@30Hz). With Power over Cable (PoC) supported by HDBaseT input and outputs cards, the FLEX-MMX can be controlled […]

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Kramer Ships VP-734 4K Switcher/Scaler


The VP-734 is a 4K-UHD (3440×2160) resolution presentation switcher scaler from Kramer. With four HDMI inputs (chroma sampling of 4:2:0), one DisplayPort (chroma sampling of 4:2:4) input and two analog inputs, the switcher is a 7×1 auto-switcher (or programmable switcher) with a built-in scaler that scales the output to 4K resolution (or anything below). Other […]

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Compound Photonics Likely Freaked Out Texas Instruments’ DLP Team Yesterday With 14mm 4K Resolution Chip Launch


At Display Summit China, Compound Photonics introduced what it’s calling the world’s smallest native 4K imaging device, measuring only 14 millimeters diagonally and featuring pixels smaller than three microns. Compound Photonics is an eight-year old technology company whose engineering and marketing teams are comprised of some of the brightest stars in the photonics and projection […]

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BenQ Debuts PV3200PT 4K UHD Monitor


BenQ America today launched its PV3200PT IPS and 4K resolution monitor. Purpose-built for 4K video postproduction applications, the 32-inch 4K Ultra HD display (3840×2160) has 10-bit color capability and 100-percent sRGB color, following the Rec. 709 standard. One interesting feature of the BenQ PV3200PT is that they claim it can reproduce color tones with a […]

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Almo Combines Distribution Team, Holds 4K Keynote and E4 Events This Spring


For the second time this spring, Almo Professional A/V welcomed a packed room of hundreds of resellers, integrators and consultants to its award-winning E4 AV Tour in Atlanta, GA on April 27. The event featured a combined Almo and IAVI staff presenting on a unified front as the acquisition details are finalized. E4 also included […]

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NEC to Debut MultiSync X554HB at InfoComm


Integrated with a built-in NFC (near field communication) sensor for control and maintenance, the new NEC MultiSync X554HB is a 1920×1080 LED-lit LCD monitor that’s spec’d at a 5000:1 contrast ratio and integrates a human proximity sensor that can change brightness, volume, and inputs or power the display up or down. The X554HB is designed […]

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Extron Ships Fiber Optic Extenders for 4K


Extron is shipping its new FOX II 4K Series for extension, switching and distribution of 4K video (up to 30 Hz with a 4:4:4 color space over one-fiber or @60 Hz with a 4:4:4 color space using two transmitters), multi‑channel audio, and bi-directional control signals over fiber optic cabling. The series includes the FOX II […]

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World’s First 4K Presentation, Presented by Gary Kayye, Available on Video


Last week, rAVe Founder Gary Kayye delivered his keynote for the Almo ProAV E4 AV Tour in 4K (3840×2160) resolution — the first-ever 4K keynote. And, best of all, it was all about how to use 4K in ProAV installs. In the keynote, Gary discusses the misinformation about 4K, such as exaggerated specs, compatibility and […]

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tvOne Ships 1T-MV-8474 4K Multiviewer


The 1T-MV-8474 4K Multiviewer is the latest product in tvONE’s range of 4K enabled products. It can display up to four video windows simultaneously via sixteen different fixed layouts, which can be recalled to present your content in a variety of combinations. Combinations can vary from a straight forward Quad split, Picture-In-Picture, Triple, Side-By-Side, Full […]

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Extron Video Targets Crestron with Side-by-Side 4K Processing Comparison


Extron doesn’t say this in their new side-by-side comparison video explaining their Vector 4K scaling engine, but they are clearing taking aim at Crestron. This video explains how they make their Vector 4K scaling chipset and is designed as an educations tool to help you understand 4K technology and signal nuances, but is also designed […]

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Barco at Almo Professional A/V’s E4 Tour


Barco has teamed with Almo Professional A/V to invite AV professionals to experience the future of 4K now at the E4 AV Tour, coming to Atlanta, Ga. on April 27. Barco will showcase its latest products in the growing ClickShare wireless presentation family and its pioneering laser phosphor business projector during this event. Now in […]

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Atlona Ships 4K/UHD Switcher


Atlona’s new 4K/UHD AV switcher, the AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED, is a six-input switcher featuring built-in 4K scaling (up to 30Hz 4:4:4), mirrored HDBaseT and HDMI outputs and AV signal extension up to 100 meters. Featuring display control and automatic input selection, the new switcher can act as a central component for a fully automated boardroom or classroom […]

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4K: No Myths, No Exaggerations- Just the Facts


The 2016 Almo Pro A/V  E4 AV Tour keynote address delivered by Gary Kayye in Washington D.C. is everything you REALLY need to know on how to specify, sell and integrate 4K systems right the first time. No myths, no “spec talk” – just the facts. View the full presentation below or by clicking here. 4K: […]

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Kramer Launches VS-62HA, 6×2 4K Matrix Switcher


The Kramer VS-62HA is a 4K@60 UHD (4:2:0) matrix switcher for HDMI (3D, Deep Color, x.v.Color, Lip Sync, ARC, HEAC pass-through, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD and 7.1 multi-channel audio) and analog audio signals that includes auto-switching and control. The VS-62HA reclocks and equalizes the signals and can route any input to either or […]

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Turn One 4K Camera Into Four HD Cameras


In the ‘creative use of 4K department,’ Datavideo’s new KMU-100 is a unique 4K multi-camera production solution that delivers multiple virtual full HD (up to 1080p) scaled camera angles with minimal installation cost and simple operation. The basic concept is straightforward: The output of a single 4K/UHD camera is connected to KMU-100, which then displays […]

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LG Intros 86″ “Stretch” 7-foot Wide by 1-foot Tall, 4K Resolution Monitor


LG introduced an 86-inch “Ultra Stretch” digital signage monitor at DSE aimed at transportation, retail stores, banks and museums. Using an aspect ratio of 58:9, the Ultra Stretch Signage monitor measures seven feet long and one foot wide. Dubbed the LG 86BH5C, it’s a 4K Ultra HD resolution and uses LG’s Picture-by-Picture technology, which allows […]

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KanexPro Launches New HDBaseT Digital Signage Products at DSE


KanexPro announced the new EXT-HDBTKVM100, a 4K HDBaseT KVM Extender and the EXT-HDRPT70, an HDBaseT Repeater with 1×2 Distribution Amplifier and Loop Out. The 4K HDBaseT KVM Extender is ideal for digital signage applications where high resolution video, audio, USB KVM function and data with diagnostics can be sent back to the computer from the […]

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GDS Shows Two Outdoor LCDs at DSE, One With a Built-in Camera for Drive-Thrus


GDS, Inc. (Global Display Solutions), will be at DSE to debut a 75″ semi-outdoor “digital poster” designed for advertising applications in railways and shopping malls. The 4K UHD resolution LED is housed in what they are calling a rugged enclosure for applications in dusty and high temperature environments. The screen is less than 10cm thick […]

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Shuttle Computer’s New DS67U 4K Media Player With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


Shuttle Computer’s DS67U is a 4K Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled media player that uses the Skylake by Intel processor. For users who want a simple pathway to more storage, Shuttle’s new DS67U now supports M.2 SSDs and the player supports two discrete displays simultaneously with 1080p resolution. The DS67U has built-in HDMI and DisplayPort, two USB […]

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Comprehensive Unveils the New 4K HDMI 4×4 Matrix Switcher and Extender


Comprehensive Connectivity just introduced the Pro AV/IT HDBaseT 4K@60 (YUV420) 4×4 Matrix Switcher/Extender with Receivers. Comprehensive’s CSW-HDBT44K330 Pro AV/IT HDBaseT 4K@60 (YUV420 — or, translation is 4:2:0 @ 60Hz and 4:2:2 at 30Hz) 4×4 Matrix Switcher/Extender (CSW-HDBT44K330) not only offers options to switch up to four HDMI Input and Output sources, but extends the uncompressed […]

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Shuttle Computer Group Shows Line of 4K Media Players with Intel’s Skylake at DSE 2016


Shuttle Computer announced its first wave of Skylake-based 4K players: Shuttle DH110: Able to support two independent displays, the DH110’s heatpipe cooling system and smart fan ensures reliably cool performance for long operation. With built-in USB 2.0, RS232/422/485, and PS/2 I/O ports, it has many connectivity options for multiple peripherals and supports two Intel Gigabit […]

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