3D Projection Technology in the Classroom


The BETT show was the perfect occasion for makers to show new 3D DLP models combining cost effective, lamp-free illumination with 3D teaching. Texas Instruments DLP announced at BETT Show 2012 the availability of all new, lamp-free projection solutions from BenQ and Optoma, each powered by DLP technology. With lamp-free illumination versus traditional bulbs, the […]

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BenQ Launches 2000 Lumen 3D Projector


BenQ today introduced the company’s first full-HD 3D home cinema projector, the W7000. Powered by DLP Link, the W7000 delivers 1080p 3D images with specified 2000 ANSI lumen brightness and a 50,000:1 contrast ratio. Integrated with HDMI 1.4a using TI’s BrilliantColor DLP system, the W7000 features VIDI lighting technology that the company says increases brightness […]

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Runco Ships Super High-End 3D Projection System


Priced at $200,000 and now shipping, Runco’s new 3Dimension D-113d projection system pairs Runco’s Constant Stereoscopic Video (CSV) approach with the optical filters and glasses of the Panavision 3D System. The result is what Runco is claiming is the brightest CSV projection in the world designed for private theaters. Because the Runco 3Diminesion D-113d doesn’t […]

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Onkyo Shows 3D Home Theater In A Box System


Onkyo has become the first manufacturer to leverage 3D in ‘home theater in a box’ systems (HTiBs). The Onkyo HT-S6300 and HT-S7300 both have 3D-Ready HDMI 1.4a inputs, 1080p video upscaling, lossless Dolby and DTS high definition audio, Dolby height processing, Audyssey automatic room equalization, and numerous other high performance features typically not found at […]

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Christie Digital Debuts the Ultimate 3D Projector


Christie’s new Mirage WU7K-M is something you gotta see. Featuring a full WUXGA resolution (1920×1200) display and dual lamps (making uniformity nearly perfect), the Christie Mirage WU7K-M is a 6,300 ANSI lumens powerhouse. With dual-link DVI support at 330MHz full bandwidth and up to 10,000:1 contrast, the projector is designed for stereoscopic 3D applications and […]

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Sanyo Intros Two Short-Throw 3D Projectors


Last month, Sanyo announced the introduction of two new ultra short-focus projectors with built-in 3D capability. Both projectors feature Sanyo’s compact chassis of about half the size of most other brands’ short-focus projectors. The PDG-DWL2500 is WXGA resolution (1280×800; 16:10 aspect ratio) with 2,500 lumens of brightness. The PDG-DXL2000 is XGA resolution (1024×768; 4:3 aspect […]

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Plasma Betting the Farm on 3D


It’s a technology characterized by some in the industry as having “weak demand,” and that it “…will go away someday.” In the Insight Media 3DTV Forecast report, we note that for TVs more than 30 inches in diagonal, 108K LCD TVs were sold in 2009 vs. 15.2K PDP TVs. That’s a 7:1 sales ratio. But […]

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3D Glasses Poised for Mainstream


Want some real proof 3D technology is here to stay? Just type in “3D Glasses” into Google and take a look at the hits… One favorite is 3dglassesonline.com, with a “nifty fifty’s” take-out menu (web page genre) and the classic headline borrowed from McDonalds, claiming “Over One Billion Served!” That’s billion with a “B” and […]

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Olympics’ TV Goes 3D


Since the 1939 Olympics in Hitler’s Berlin, the worldwide event is a natural draw for new broadcast technology transition. And, like color TV and the more recent HDTV that followed some 40 years later, technology transition for the broadcast industry is often slow in coming, due in part to the expense of ramping up the […]

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3D for Me?


If you watch developments in consumer AV, you’re likely picking up some of the buzz with the latest push toward 3DTV.  As such perhaps you’re also starting to give some serious thought to what that may mean to you as an AV consumer, and then, what the impact might be in education applications.  So when […]

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Panasonic Adds 3D Plasma to Line


Shown at trade shows for months, the 3D version of the Viera plasma line will be launched in May 2010 with two 1080p versions that will be 50” and 54” (ranging in price between $4500 and $6000).  No specific details are available, yet, but they are claiming the usual plasma-based contrast ratio of above 5,000,000:1 […]

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3D Blu-ray Players Debut


Panasonic is the first Blu-ray manufacturer to actually show a production model 3D recorder/player in the form of the DMP-BDT900K.  It’s HDMI 1.4 capable, includes 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports (in and out) and an Ethernet port (for connecting to Netflix).  No price, yet, but expect it to be in the range of $1000 […]

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3D “Yay” and “Nay” Sayers


We’re coming up on a month since the 2010 CES, and like partygoers waking up with a hangover, manufacturers, analysts, and reporters are slowly sobering up, taking a second, harder look at the blizzard of 3D products and demonstrations that dominated this year’s show… and what it all means. TV manufacturers are definitely looking for […]

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Are you a BIG 3D’er?


Whether you’re a fan of 3D or not, you must have thought about whether it will make it in the high-end HomeAV market.  Is it going to be relegated to the theater-going public, or will it be a huge hit in the home?  Well, New York Times Columnist David Pogue has a video for you… […]

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Sharp Launches Six 3D Projectors


Last week, Sharp announced its entry into the 3D presentation market with the introduction of six (yes, six!) 3D-ready DLP BrilliantColor projectors offering 3D projection from a single projector. All six projectors incorporate DLP Link technology, which allows for 3D projection when using compatible 3D field sequential content and active shutter 3D glasses that support […]

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The Blu-ray 3D Standard


The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) releases the Blu-ray 3D, a long-awaited standard for full 1080p viewing of 3D movies on home TVs. The first Blu-ray machines for 3D will be shown at CES in Las Vegas in January and shipping later this year. 3D movies (yes, Avatar!) will be played on these Blu-ray 3D machines […]

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World’s First 3D FIFA World Cup


Sony Corporation and FIFA have announced an agreement: FIFA will produce the world’s first FIFA World Cup in 3D (up to 25 of the 2010 matches) using Sony’s 3D professional cameras. “Global sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup are very important drivers of new technology, particularly in the TV market”, explains Tom Morrod, […]

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Futuresource Claims that 10 Percent of US and Japanese Homes will be 3D by 2012


Now more than ever, 3D is coming to the home, with backing from all major sectors of the entertainment and consumer electronics industries. 3D movie production is intensifying, cinemas all over the world are investing in 3D technologies and feedback from audiences has been highly positive, with encouraging ticket sales. Yet the ultimate goal is […]

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