rAVe Announces 2016 Readers’ Choice Award Winners


We are excited to announce the winners of our 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards. To be frank, this doesn’t need much written about it as the stats prove its importance. And, here are some stats in case you are doubting the validity of these awards: 1. We had over 81,000 voters for the final awards! 2. The […]

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THE 5th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards – Open For Nominations!


Our Reader’s Choice Awards blow away ANY other industry award. And, I can say that with 100 percent confidence. How? Well, first off, in 2014, we had over 54,000 votes and then in 2015, we had 88,351 (Yes, you read that right – OVER 88 THOUSAND votes) — no one has those kinds of numbers! […]

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