Tablets: The New Benchmark Of The Nuclear Family?

So this past Christmas our family welcomed a new addition to the household:

A second iPad.

With our entry into being a multi-tablet household it made me wonder: Now will the media categorize families the way they have with other metrics?

From two car families to two (and I’m dating myself here) TV families, households are measured by what they have as often as for who they are. At what point will having more than one tablet go from being unusual to being ordinary?

Probably sooner than any of us think. Look at the ubiquity of computers in the home. In the 80s it was rare for a home to have more than one, now it’s normal for mom and dad to each have their own PC or laptop, and maybe even one for the kids.

Add to that the sheer number of networked devices. Today’s homes have larger Ethernet and WiFi networks than small or medium size businesses had ten years ago.

There are more devices in my house that are networked than aren’t (note to self: research options for networked espresso machines). And if I’m completely honest, so are we. Most of us are plugged in more often than not. So much so that “Unplug!” had become the call to turn off your devices and come sit down for mealtime.

I guess that I have no real point to this blog post, except to marvel at how quickly the future seems to have come upon us. And to remark that sometime soon my work may require us to add a third tablet to the household.

Welcome to the Future.