Synthax Announces New RME Digiface USB Portable Digital Audio Interface

Synthax has announced the RME Digiface USB Portable Digital Audio Interface. Featuring four optical ADAT /SPDIF inputs and outputs plus an analog line/phones output via TRS (tip-ring-sleeve), the new RME Digiface USB is a compact, portable digital audio interface that can also serve as a basic headphone amp for mobile use.

The new RME Digiface USB is designed to simplify the connection with USB 2 devices such as Mac and PC computers. Utilizing bus-powered operation, it does not require an external power supply. Further, the Digiface USB adds another optical I/O, resulting in 32 channels of input and output when using the ADAT optical interface. The analog output hosts channels 33 and 34, and can be used freely in conjunction with RME’s included TotalMix FX real-time digital mixing software — resulting in a highly capable routing and monitoring solution.

Each single optical port on the Digiface USB can use either ADAT optical (up to eight channels) or S/PDIF (stereo). While the inputs adapt automatically to the incoming signal format, the outputs can be individually switched between ADAT and S/PDIF operation for flexibility. The Digiface USB supports both SMUX and SMUX4, which is used to transmit high bandwidth digital audio using lower bandwidth technology. With this capability, an eight-channel audio stream at 192 kHz audio can be accommodated via four S/PDIFs or ADATs on both the inputs and outputs.

The RME Digiface USB Portable Digital Audio Interface is available now at $599.00. Here are all the specs.