SYNNEX Continues to Invest in Google Ecosystem to Offer Cloud Services for Recurring Revenue



Everyone in nearly every industry is talking about the cloud. And, you likely already use it — whether you realize it or not. If you have your smartphone backing up your photos online, that’s the cloud. If you collaborate on documents with others, that’s the cloud. If you use soft-codec conferencing systems, that’s the cloud.

But, do you realize you could be selling an array of cloud services to your clients?

SYNNEX can leverage public and private cloud and add connectivity and hardware to deliver a complete solution. On top of that, they can layer on professional design and field installation services, so integrators can build an end-to-end solution to address a customers’ IoT needs. You sell the service and SYNNEX does the back-end work. This includes support from teams inside of SYNNEX that are built to deliver a complete solution, cellular wireless and broadband solutions, and specialized hardware, software, ISVs and communication services to wrap everything into one service offering. You’re selling all the hardware that leverages the cloud, so why not sell the cloud?

SYNNEX was an early adopter of Google, mainly in the education vertical, and they have continued to work with and invest in the Google ecosystem. SYNNEX has expanded along with Google, grown its internal support team and now has specialists for G Suite, Chrome Enterprise and Education. These are all big investments, especially in regard to SYNNEX’ AV solutions. For video conferencing, Google’s Hangouts Meet Hardware is a cost-competitive and fully-baked bundle that is easy to set up and use. The solution is designed for G Suite customers, but at InfoComm this year, Google also announced the new interoperability with LifeSize, Polycom and Skype via Pexip.

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And, for those still looking at cloud primarily for their signage business, Google has a custom-built license for Chrome signage. For Pro AV integrators doing cloud-based signage applications, this allows for add-on services like facial recognition and demographic segmentation of people walking past signage. All of this has become very real with Google’s AI capabilities.

SYNNEX wants to help AV integrators gain more market share around mobility, cloud and IoT. Their solutions are simple, secure, affordable, reliable and re-sellable to serve the Pro AV channel. In fact, you retain every aspect of the client relationship. To the client, it’s all you. The Google offering, paired with SYNNEX’ specialized services and support, could deliver a very unique cloud opportunity for your customers.

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