Synapse Wireless Releases DIM10-087-06-IP Lighting Controller

synapse wireless

Synapse Wireless announced the release of the DIM10-087-06-IP Lighting Controller. Synapse says this compact controller makes it an easy control option for bolt-on field retrofit applications. The DIM10-087-06-IP is designed to deliver performance even in harsh weather conditions, ensuring reliable operation across various settings, according to the company. Its smaller footprint and lower price point allow it to be easily integrated with LED drivers that lack embedded lighting controls, providing an effective solution for outdoor lighting needs.

Key Features of DIM10-087-06-IP, according to :

  • Seamless SimplySnap Integration: Allows easy compliance with ASHRAE 90.1, Title 24 and DLC Networked Lighting Controls.
  • Simplified DC Design: Compatible with a variety of LED drivers.
  • 0-10V or DALI-2 Dimming
  • Secure AES128 Encryption: Ensures data protection and integrity.
  • DesignLights Consortium Certification: Meets indoor and outdoor networked lighting
    control standards.
  • Self-Healing 2.4 GHz SNAP Mesh Networking: Enhances reliability and performance.
  • Secure Over-the-Air Upgrades: Keeps the controller updated with the latest features and
    security patches.
  • Dual Sensor Inputs: Supports DC motion sensors and 0-10V photocells for enhanced control.
  • IP66 Rating: Provides robust protection against dust and water ingress.