Symply Introduces Two New InnovativeMarket Specific Workflow Productivity Solutions

Symply, a global provider of high-performance digital storage solutions for media, will demonstrate two new complete workflow solutions for specific content creation and delivery markets that have unique requirements often overlooked or overpriced.  The Symply SPORTS™ and Symply BUREAU™ solutions share the commonality of being based on the SymplyULTRA™ platform and utilize custom onboard virtual machine design making the turnkey solution faster, more cost effective, and highly resilient when compared to the more common multi-purpose, multi-server workflow media asset designs.

SymplySPORTS was developed in partnership with Dissemino™ and refined with a Major League Baseball team over the course of two seasons of play, ensuring it was both hardened under real world pressure and easy to use in production.

The SymplySPORTS workspace offers sports teams a simple way to deploy and maintain collaborative workspace specifically designed to meet the needs of managing sports assets throughout the workflow process from acquisition to delivery, archive and reuse, assisting teams in the creation and monetization of content. The workspace is designed and priced to accommodate the increasingly sophisticated production needs of sports teams with limited budgets and a growing numbers of media assets and workflows requiring professional level solutions that understand their market.

As with SymplySPORTS, SymplyBUREAU is a new completely integrated workflow solution designed specifically for the 24/7 fast turnaround of a news gathering and broadcast environment. As a complete hardware and software solution, SymplyBUREAU is easier to deploy and maintain than other similarly intended products. Built around the powerful high-availability SymplyULTRA workspace appliance and a custom version of the Dissemino™ asset management system, SymplyBUREAU has been designed to offer a significantly powerful solution with a dedicated set of capabilities in a single low-cost appliance that rivals much more complex and expensive workflow solutions.

SymplyBUREAU empowers content gathering from remote locations with metadata tagging, voice annotation, and remote upload and review. Users can easily capture content and livestream events locally or remotely. SymplyBUREAU provides flexibility of a custom solution and the reliability and low-cost of a dedicated bureau focused solution, all in a single appliance designed to deliver exciting price performance to growing and tightly funded national and global news organizations both traditional and the increasing alternative web and OTT News outlets. The Symply Bureau turnkey solution also makes travel and flypak configurations easy and simple with no additional configuration in the field needed!

“Today both sports and news gathering organizations are experiencing significant changes and requirements in their media production needs.  Beyond the need for faster, more cost effective, and increasingly higher resolution collaborative workflows, they need to manage a greater number of assets in a shorter period of time. Often, they do not have the resources or funds for expensive and complex non-integrated products. We designed these solutions to meet their requirements, and more, at a very affordable price point,” said Alex Grossman, CEO and president at Symply. “At NABNY 2017, we are excited to show SymplySPORTS and SymplyBUREAU and demonstrate the benefits of each.”

At NABNY2017 Symply will be showing both solutions focusing on the benefits of each in their particular market segment.  Highlights will include demonstrating Cloud-based AI driven automatic metadata creation and analytics, iOS based remote asset management, tagging, and movement, multiplatform content contribution and distribution, and easily customizable naming and tagging nomenclature.

“It is a pleasure working with the Symply team on development of both of these great solutions” said Jacoub Josef, VP of Development at Dissemino.  “Our robust asset management engine combined with the rich Symply API and running on the SymplyULTRA platform under a virtual machine provides a robust environment and greatly simplified development that benefits everyone.” 

SymplySPORTS and SymplyBUREAU are expected to begin shipping December and will be available at better Resellers worldwide.  Pricing is based on configuration. Dissemino offers custom installation and feature customization through their professional services organization. Contact Symply for more information.